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Welcome to Admissions at VFS!

At Vancouver Film School, we know that education is one of the most important things in your life and that choosing the perfect school for you is a big decision. Curriculum, faculty, location, the school's reputation in the industry, the success of its graduates: there's a lot to consider.

When you apply to most schools, you're pretty much on your own, from finding and fulfilling the admission requirements without any direct feedback, to submitting your application to an unknown person or committee, and then waiting to hear whether you've been accepted.

At VFS, we do things differently. We believe in giving you more assistance throughout the entire admissions process. We believe the process of deciding on a school - and then fulfilling the requirements to give yourself the best chance of acceptance - is much smoother when you are well-informed and have direct, personal guidance.

To get assistance now, Speak to a VFS Admissions Advisor.

If you are ready to apply, review the requirements and then Apply Now.

In VFS Admissions, we have helped thousands of aspiring artists, filmmakers, actors, writers, and designers achieve their dreams. We hope to have the opportunity to help you in achieving yours.


Marty Hasselbach
Managing Director
Vancouver Film School