Vancouver Film School, Canada's premier entertainment arts institution, is proud to partner with Pixologic, maker of the award-winning 2D/3D sculpting, texturing, and painting application ZBrush.

The agreement will primarily benefit students of VFS's Animation & Visual Effects programs, respected worldwide for the quality of their graduates, who include District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

"This partnership really allows us to take advantage of what Pixologic brings to the table with their products," says VFS's Managing Director Marty Hasselbach. "It also allows Pixologic to benefit from what VFS does, and that is create fantastic work using their product."

Featured Student Video | September

Every month we select a film or reel that best showcases the use of Pixologic's ZBrush by VFS students.

A Modeling Reel
Arjun Gedam

From the VFS Blog:
A Modeling Reel That Moves

VFS Student Showcase

The films and reels created by VFS students win awards and are seen by a huge worldwide audience.

Why? See for yourself. Here's a selection of VFS student work using Pixologic's ZBrush.

A Modeling Reel

Arjun Gedam

As Time Goes By

Max Wahyudi

Ahab's Fate

Giacomo Cavalietti

A Modeling Reel

Masamine Horie

The Albatross

Shing Wai Law

A Forgotten Night

Emily Krueger

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