Heather Garrow | 3D Animation & Visual Effects Faculty | Vancouver Film School


Heather Garrow


Heather has been drawing cartoons since she was four years old. Amazed by everything she watched on TV, from Walt Disney cartoons to Scooby Doo to The Flintstones, she's had a love of animation her entire life.

After graduating from the Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in 1999, Heather headed to Ottawa, Ontario, working for studios such as Funbag, Dynomite Cartoons, and Boomstone Entertainment, doing design, story boarding, layout, and animation.

In 2001, Heather decided she wanted to expand her skill set and helped established two Flash Animation studios in Halifax, working in both animation and leadership roles. Moving to Toronto in 2003, she took an animation position at CORE Digital Pictures, working on numerous television productions, including Franny's Feet, The Save Um's, and Urban Vermin and several feature films, including Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

The opportunity to work at Rainmaker Entertainment brought Heather to Vancouver in 2007. Since arriving in the city, she has worked at numerous studios, and learned a whole new set of skills and software.

After working in video games (Dead Rising OTR), feature films (Invictus), and on award winning children's programming (Planet Sheen), Heather now counts herself fortunate to have found a place at Vancouver Film School. Using her experience and passion for animation, she hopes to inspire a whole new generation of artists.