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Career Paths - Acting for Film & Television

The Acting for Film & TV program grants students the skills they need to become professional, working actors. The jobs and/or fields we specifically train for are detailed below.

Feature Films

Acting in feature films doesn't necessarily mean starring in the next Hollywood blockbuster. Many actors make fine livings acting in short films, documentaries, and independent films. Of course, extremely talented actors may become famous celebrities in time. Feature roles, like television roles, can be either long engagements or short affairs depending upon the prominence of the character portrayed.

Television Series

Guest appearances on television shows are often an actor's first step into the world of broadcast entertainment. Alternatively, acquiring the role of a main character on a series can provide years of lucrative work. Since the quality of television entertainment is constantly increasing, many actors are turning to television as their chosen medium.


Actors with particularly expressive voices and wide vocal ranges can find a wealth of work in the voiceover profession. Whether working for radio, animation, or special effects work, competent voiceover actors are constantly in demand.


Acting in commercials can be just as lucrative as any other gig. Often considered the "bread and butter" of the acting world, many actors sustain themselves entirely on this constantly expanding medium. Engagements are short-lived but high-paying.

Casting Director / Talent Agent

Experienced actors with a keen eye for talent can find success as casting directors or talent agents. Casting directors help a production find the right actor for a specific role. Talent agents help actors find roles that are right for them. Both positions require intuition, leadership, and excellent interpersonal skills. Additionally, some talent agents may coach an actor on his/her skill or even enroll them in training to enhance their abilities.