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Career Paths - Digital Character Animation

The Digital Character Animation program is focused exclusively on training students to perform high-quality character animation. Graduates of this program are uniquely competent in this area and tend to stream directly into the animation workforce.

Character Animator

This artist creates the performance of animated, believable 3D characters by applying their knowledge of a variety of animation skills. Character animators may use motion capture data to create realistic character motion, especially if they work for video game production companies.

CGI Modeler & Rigger

In large studios, modeling and rigging of characters is often handled by someone other than the animator. Modelers sculpt a character in virtual 3D space while a rigger adds a control system which allows for fluid animation.

2D Digital Animator

This animator is responsible for creating 2D animation using computer software rather than pencil and paper. Such animators must be fluent in Macromedia's Flash, ToonBoom's Harmony, or a variety of other programs. This efficient style of animation is currently gaining popularity, resulting in a job market that favours animators.