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At VFS, we measure the success of our programs by what our students, alumni, and respected members of the industry have to say about us. Here's a sample of what people are saying about the Digital Character Animation experience at VFS.

It was intense. But Vancouver Film School was my first real glimpse into the animation world. They molded me into the person and professional that I am today.

Juan Guiraldes
Digital Character Animation Graduate
Animator, The A-Team

VFS has been a backbone to my career growth. Vancouver Film School on my resume by itself has been a big plus from the recruiter's point of view. Being at VFS was like being in a studio environment, hence my comfort level is so much more when I am in a studio with many different nationalities with many different skill sets working together on projects!

Seema Gopalakrishnan
Digital Character Animation Graduate
Lead Rigger, Clone Wars

I was able to meet some very interesting and talented people, and I now have a stronger understanding of how Maya works, after less than 6 months.

Zack Mathew
Digital Character Animation Graduate
Animator, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

The people I met at VFS were inspirational to me. Some of the teachers and students are my friends for life.

Adam Yaniv
Digital Character Animation Graduate
Animation Supervisor, Hop

I found that in the industry your workload can ebb and flow slightly but long hours are more the rule than the exception. You need to be able to deal with sustained periods of long hours and hard work, so VFS really prepared me.

Chad Moffitt
Digital Character Animation Graduate
Academy Award Winning Animator, The Lord of the Rings

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