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Career Paths - Digital Design

Here are some examples of careers our Digital Design students prepare for. Check out the VFS Blog for stories about working Digital Design graduates.

Interface Designer

Interface Designers create compelling interactive visual displays for websites, game interfaces, DVD menus, software applications, wireless devices, kiosks, and many other types of media.

Motion Designer

Motion Designers create animated 2D, 3D, and video compositing for the purpose of communicating ideas and information. Motion graphics is achieving popularity in many fields, including website design, game cinematography, interface design, broadcast animation, commercial production, and music video production.

User Experience / Interaction Designer

The purpose of these two positions - often combined into one - is to envision a product that matches the end-users' desires and capabilities. User Experience Designers determine what the use of a product should feel like, while the Interaction Designer determines how the product would have to work in order to achieve the desired effect.

Project Manager

The execution of a media project requires the integration of a variety of talents and skills. The Project Manager or Producer's role is to ensure that all project milestones are met and that team behaviour supports the project. As such, a Project Manager or Producer must be capable of guiding a team through every step of the design process.

Assistant Producer is the entry level position in this field.