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Engage with a Worldwide Design Community

Digital Design is all about making you a part of something bigger: joining a worldwide design community that wields more influence with each passing day. That community begins with the relationships, connections, business endeavours, and friendships you develop during your year. VFS students come from all around the world, form unbreakable bonds with classmates, instructors, and mentors, then set out to make a difference on a global scale.

Forge Lifelong Industry Connections

In Digital Design, you're taught by industry professionals whose guidance means you're getting a real-world perspective on the design industry. Visiting guest speakers, Artists in Residence, Slam judges, and portfolio reviewers are all potential employers and valuable industry contacts. You're also paired with a mentor from the industry who works closely with you as you navigate the complexities of your final project. Here's your trusted ally, someone who will open doors that, not long ago, would have seemed like they were welded shut.

Stimulate Your Design Curiosity

The VFS design community isn't constrained by the walls of the VFS campus. It's a vast network that spans the world, made up of alumni, industry professionals, and passionate emerging designers.

Oomph is where this network connects: an online community where you can share your work, inspire your peers, and connect with a much larger design community. Join the conversation and visit Digital Design on Facebook.

Meet, Collaborate, Draw

What happens when you combine a roomful of artists, giant sheets of paper, and an off-the-wall theme? Fireworks. That's Draw By Night, brought to you by Digital Design instructor Myron Campbell. It's Vancouver's only bi-monthly drawing party and it brings the city's creative community together to work collaboratively or independently.

Events like Draw By Night extend your community, grow your network, and gives you a chance to flex your creative mind now and long after you've graduated.

Appetizers Spring 2011

VFS Digital Design's Appetizers Night is a chance for graduating students to showcase their favourite project to an industry audience

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

Digital Design Slam - Mar '11

At this Digital Design Slam, students were asked to develop a comprehensive public service announcement campaign in support of Earth Day 2011

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

That's Digital Design at VFS: a profound educational experience, a training ground, a launching pad of countless possibilities, and an unparalleled professional network. For a term-by-term overview of what you will learn in the one-year program, visit the curriculum page.