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Real Projects, Real Clients, Real Design

The industry is in Digital Design's DNA. When you join us, it becomes a part of yours.

Here, you learn to do more than push buttons and move pixels – you learn to propel design forward. You learn how to unlock the power of design to influence the world in a substantial way. It's time to experience the real agency world. Are you ready?

Work with Real Client Briefs

This is no practice run. When you engage in a Digital Design project, you're working with real client briefs, hearing those clients' needs, and delivering amazing work that satisfies their real objectives.

Digital Design at VFS builds a direct connection between you and real-world clients. Midway through your year, for example, you will have the opportunity to prove yourself by choosing one of three client projects. Your goal: to create awareness for a great cause. Then you jump headlong into an intense seven-week ride through the creative process – bringing to bear everything you've learned up to this point to devise solutions for every obstacle in your client's path. When you're done with it, you've increased your audience's understanding, influenced its opinions, and sparked action.

These projects represent just a sliver of what Digital Design students can accomplish working with client briefs:

'Hope Air'

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

Animated Infographic

Created by students Matthew Dale, Erman Dumlu, Ryan Hoback, Gary Sylvester and Leon Wong, Brainfo is a multi-pronged cross-media campaign that uses print design and social media to inspire participation in raising awareness of the issues surrounding Brain injuries.

Animated Infographic
Cyber Aware

This student team wanted to empower and educate parents and their children about the very real problem of cyber-bullying. To do it, they created an animated infographic with a powerful call to action. This project quickly earned widespread mainstream media coverage.

What do the clients say?

"We presented the team with a substantial challenge which, I thought they might tackle only a portion of, and they delivered a comprehensive and dynamic product. In addition, they met our request for ideas for future planning and sustainability. All people, and especially those with a brain injury and their families, will benefit from this work."

Mitch Loreth

Gain Elite Project Management Skills

You'll quickly learn that in the real world, big ideas and beautiful art are great goals, but they'll never see the light of day unless you master process. That's why your Digital Design experience is structured around learning and internalizing high-level workflow and a rigorous approach to project management. You learn how to manage scope, resources, time, and budget with the skill and grace needed to deliver incredible results. Agile project management practices are a part of your daily life during your year in Digital Design. That ensures you'll hit the ground running when you land at an agency.

Digital Design Slams

There's no such thing as a day off in Digital Design. Throughout your year, you will rise to a series of increasingly difficult challenges. You'll need to step up your game every day.

Take the Digital Design Slam. Every four months during the already busy year, students take on this one-day design sprint. Your morning begins when you're assembled in teams and hear your design challenge. You have eight hours to conceptualize, visualize, produce, and present your creative solutions. You'll power through every roadblock and learn from every misstep until your final design concepts are put to the test in front of a panel of industry judges. By the end of a Digital Design Slam day, you'll have a great portfolio piece — and know the meaning of the word "crunch".

See inside the Digital Design Slam experience

So you've proven yourself in the trenches on real design challenges – to capitalize, you'll need a rigorous program of career preparation. Find out how we do it in Digital Design: Prepare for Your Career in the Industry.