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Career Paths - Entertainment Business Management

The Entertainment Business Management program gives students the skills and knowledge they need to make their mark on the entertainment industry and accelerate their rise from entry level to the upper echelons. The following list represents just a few of the many career paths graduates can follow.

Production Management

Before the talent gets on stage and long after the equipment has been packed away, Production Managers - including Location Managers, Unit Managers, and Line Managers - are working behind the scenes to organize, schedule, budget, and keep filmed or live productions on track and on time. Production Managers must know how to deal with people effectively, but also interpret reports and production documents as well as develop plans that save time, effort, and money.


For the individual with the mind of an inventor and the drive to stake out new ground, the skills taught in this program provide the practical expertise needed to start a new business or promote a new product. While the risks of this career path are sometimes greater than working one's way through an established company, a successful entrepreneur benefits from having ownership over his or her product, and earns a reputation as an innovator and leader in the industry.

Promotion / Marketing Assistant

The person in this role organizes the marketing of a particular entertainment product such as a motion picture or video game. The job involves developing public relations and media strategies which extend the reach of the product in order to reach a wide audience and establish a strong market.

Business Affairs

The Business Affairs department handles the day-to-day execution of the business, including finances and legal affairs. Usually reporting directly to the owners or main financiers, a Business Affairs Manager generally delegates financial and organizational duties to the operations, accounting, and technical departments. Managers must be fluent in employment, financial, and economic law.

Promotions Manager

Promotions Manager is a catch-all term for a person who organizes the marketing or public exposure of an artist's work. The Promotions Manager arranges concerts or showings, plans media campaigns, designs advertising, and develops an artist's public image.

Music Business

There are many different roles within the music industry for people with expertise in business. A Music Publisher is responsible for the use of songs in film, television, and radio. A Recording Executive owns or manages a record company, arranges the use of recordings, and oversees album and promotional budgets. Music Supervisors organize the business needs of film soundtracks. Music Licensers navigate the complex world of music copyright law.

Accounting and Financial Management

In addition to being an essential life skill, the budgeting and management of cash (among other assets) is vital to the success of any business venture, in entertainment and elsewhere. As an individual or as a business manager or owner, knowing how to read a balance sheet, analyze a cash flow statement, or interpret a P&L can help balance your personal account, earn money on the stock exchange, or become the CEO of an entertainment company.