Shannon Blakeman | Film Production Faculty | Vancouver Film School


Shannon Blakeman

Program Coordinator

Shannon Blakeman is a life-long resident of Vancouver. Prior to her arrival at VFS, she obtained a degree in International Relations from UBC, and held a variety of administrative positions.

Shannon is an avid film enthusiast, and enjoys watching documentaries, live-action, and animated productions. In the past, she has acted as a volunteer at the Vancouver International Film Fest, and always looks forward to sampling films from around the world each fall.

Each film shoot is an adventure, and her position as Program Assistant has given her the opportunity to watch students take their projects all the way from script to screen. She is happy to act as a liaison between instructors and students, and loves being surrounded by creative people.

In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and painting, and has occasionally contributed artwork and storyboards to film productions.