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Guest Speakers

Guillermo Navarro and David Crone

Cinematographer Guillermo Navarro (Pan's Labrynth) and Camera Operator David Crone (John Adams) sit down for a discussion with Heads of Department Don Hunter and Stan Edmonds.

From the Blog

Every year, VFS invites excellent speakers from all disciplines in the entertainment arts to speak to students about the issues that matter to them most: the tricks of the trade, insider secrets, and professional advice that sets our graduates apart from the pack when it's time to start a career. Guest speakers for Film Production offer students the chance to hear the latest word from the industry, ask questions, and learn from the success of celebrities, experts, and artists in the field.

Guest Post: Editor of The Office, Arrested Development at VFS

Emmy-winning editor Stuart Bass A.C.E. visited VFS for a talk about his career and approach to editing primetime TV series.

Get It In Writing - Wisdom from the Field

VFS Film Production grad Vikas Mathur returns to VFS to share his experience with current students about location shooting and the global film industry.

Oscar-Winning Pan's Labyrinth Cinematographer Visits VFS

VFS recently hosted Cinematographer Guillermo Navarro and Camera Operator David Crone for a talk with students.

Blindness' Producer Niv Fichman visits VFS

Canadian film producer Niv Fichman dropped by VFS on the opening day of his new film, Gunless.

Summerhood' Screens at VFS

Classical Animation grad Jacob Medjuck recently screened his film 'Summerhood' for VFS students.

Costume Designer Ann Maskrey Visits Film

Costume designer Ann Maskrey (Batman Begins, Alice in Wonderland) speaks to Film students and shows some of her work.

The Heart in Darkness: Co-Writing 'District 9'

Writing for Film & Television grad and District 9 co-writer Terri Tatchell visited VFS last week to chat about her career.

X-Men Producer Visits VFS

X-Men producer Ralph Winter visits Film Production, EBM, and Acting students to discuss some of the challenges of making movies in today's industry.

A Guest in Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest (This is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind) visits VFS and engages students in an intimate Q&A.