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At VFS, we measure the success of our programs by what our students, alumni, and respected members of the industry have to say about us. Here's a sample of what people are saying about the Film Production experience at VFS.

There was a screening of our class's work and someone attending the screening noticed my name on 12 projects. She went home afterwards and mentioned me to her boyfriend, who was a Producer/Director at a local commercial/music video production house. He came into work the next day and found my resume on his desk. He called me in, took a look at my reel, and hired me right away.

Scott Weber
Film Production Graduate
Director, Desolation Sound

Because I make independent films, I need to see the complete picture from beginning to end. That's what VFS has taught me.

Bertrand Normand
Film Production Graduate
Director, Ballerina, screened at Vancouver International Film Festival

Filmmaking is a business as well as an art. VFS prepares students for the business obstacles independent filmmakers face. The art comes from those special instructors and the creative synergy among students.

Matthew Nie
Film Production Graduate
Director, Good Stuff, winner of top honours at the Tribeca Film Festival

It's where I met [Producer] Scott Mosier and [Cinematographer] Dave Klein. Without it, Clerks never would've happened.

Kevin Smith
Director, Clerks, Chasing Amy

And today, when I light and shoot some of the biggest stars of the film industry, I'm proud of the fact that I draw from the wealth of experience I gathered at VFS.

Santosh Kumar
Film Production Graduate
Director, Yash Raj Films

At VFS you get all the tools, and you really don't need four, five years... You need one year and to learn all you can from wise people, books, and various courses. Then you really need to dive into the film business waters and learn how to swim among the sharks.

Marianna Rowinska
Film Production Graduate
Line Producer, Prince Caspian, The Reader

It was great. I met a lot of people that did nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe movies. I can confidently say that I learned the fundamentals of every job on a movie set.

Georgia Milroy
Film Production Graduate
Editor, True Justice

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