Vancouver Film School: Production, Animation, Game Design, Acting and more

What You Will Learn

Making films is hard. But ask any filmmaker and they'll tell you the unforgiving schedules, last-minute changes, tight budgets, and tough markets are worth the trouble, because making a film is about building a diverse team around a shared creative vision and working together to craft a rewarding experience that resonates with audiences.

Every film is a journey. So is a year at VFS. The extensive Film Production curriculum is designed to give you the technical and creative skills to thrive, but, just as importantly, what you will learn at VFS allows you to fully immerse yourself in the key filmmaking disciplines, letting you forge your own path in this incredibly challenging and unique profession.

Explore the five key disciplines of filmmaking you will experience at VFS. As your year progresses, you choose to specialize in two of them, giving your portfolio the kind of focus necessary to launch your career as a professional filmmaker.