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VFS faculty members are working professionals whose dedication to teaching stems from direct experience as artists and designers. Their expertise provides students valuable insight to the creative process. We are deeply committed to the premise that creativity is a result of research, dynamic thinking, and willingness to experiment. Unlocking creativity comes from developing a complex understanding of your environment, permitting it to enter you, transform you, and re-emerge in the form of new perspectives, ideas, and intuition.

Shane Rees

Acting Head of Foundation Visual Art & Design

Shane Rees

Prior to joining VFS, Shane worked at Sharpe Sound Studios as a Re-Recording Mixer, where he mixed Foley and backgrounds, music, effects mixes for various TV shows, ADR recording, laybacks and quality control. After leaving Sharpe Sound he started his own mobile ADR recording company that works on shows like Smallville, Dead Zone, Reaper, and Aliens in America. He received a Leo Award as a Re-recording Mixer for his work on a local independent film and three nominations for his work for local television shows. He recently returned from the industry where he was the Head Engineer at Western Post Production.

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