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At VFS, we measure the success of our programs by what our students, alumni, and respected members of the industry have to say about us. Here's a sample of what people are saying about the Foundation Visual Art & Design experience at VFS.

Foundation was boot camp. Try to imagine doing back flips with one arm, only three fingers, and a constant yearning to sleep, while taking notes in a lecture. It was a lot to take in, but it was worth it.

Chris Abbas
Foundation Visual Art & Design Graduate
Compositor, Painkiller Jane

Having Foundation under my belt was incredibly helpful. You have more practice expressing yourself visually, knowing how color and form and composition can help you showcase your work.

Matthew Turner
Foundation Visual Art & Design Graduate
3D Artist, Halo: Reach, America's Army 3

During my year in Foundation Visual Art & Design, I was totally like a newborn baby. I basically learned to observe things that I did not pay attention to before, especially concepts and theories... It all helped prepare me for the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program.

Samson Wong
Foundation Visual Art & Design Graduate
Compositor, Watchmen

Right from the start, I was presented with new challenges, but I always had my past experiences to go back to, and I could leverage that knowledge towards reaching new heights. I believe it played a big role in the success that I had in the Digital Design program.

Tyler Egeto
Foundation Visual Art & Design Graduate
Lead Programmer, Mod7

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