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Career Paths - Game Design

The Game Design program grants students the skills they need to excel in the game development industry.

The jobs and/or fields we specifically train for are detailed below. For stories about graduates working in the game industry, please visit the Blog.

Game Designer

Depending upon the title, company, or style of the production, a game designer's actual function varies. A game designer may create the core gameplay elements, write a game's story and/or dialogue, specialize in a small aspect of game design (such as the level designer or feature designer shown below), or supervise the entire game project. Game designers are often the originator of the game's concept.

Level Designer

In games that utilize different levels—distinctly separate areas of gameplay—a level designer may be required to outline and create an entire level or to execute the wishes of the game designer in regards to level building. Knowledge of 3D modeling is, generally, a requirement for this position.

Feature Designer

Feature designers are given the very specific task of conceptualizing and designing a component (or a group of components) for a game's play system. Normally, this includes features, modes, or even mini-games. They normally report to the lead designer or producer.

Quality Assurance

The role of QA in a game studio is to eliminate bugs in the software that drives games. QA testers can also "playtest" a game, finding and exploiting deficiencies in the game's mechanics and reporting such breaches to the game designers.

Assistant Producer

An assistant producer can be responsible for a wide variety of game development components, though most work with a team of experts, ensuring their contributions arrive on time, on budget, and on-par with the designers' or producers' standards. Leadership and organizational skills are a prerequisite. In time, excellent assistant producers become producers.

Video Game Journalist

This specialized form of journalism focuses on reviewing and writing opinionated analyses of video games. Video game journalists must have an impressive knowledge of video game titles and of the elements that go into their design. Most video game journalism is delivered via the web.