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Our instructors are currently working in the industry for companies like Radical Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Next Level Games, Propaganda Games, United Front Games, Ubisoft, and Big Park. They teach here because they're passionate about what they do and they want to give something back to the gaming community. Our instructors also know they're teaching the next generation of game designers. Several of our grads have been hired by their instructors.

Dave Warfield

Head of Game Design

Dave Warfield

A game designer who has worked in the industry for fifteen years, Dave came to VFS directly from Electronic Arts, one of the most successful video game companies in the world. As a senior producer for EA , Dave produced and designed NHL 2005 as well as 24 other published video game titles, including EA's NBA Live and Skitchin' , Konami's NFL, Mission: Impossible , Top Gun: Danger Zone, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and NEC's Champions Forever Boxing.

Before starting his career in gaming, Dave educated himself for over a decade in the arcades of Vancouver cutting his teeth on such classics as Asteroids, Zaxxon, and Space Invaders. He worked four years selling games and computers just as Nintendo and Sega were revolutionizing the video game industry, and his knowledge of every game on the market led to his being noticed and hired by Distinctive Software (now EA). Having worked his way from retail through production, Dave is intimately familiar with all the dimensions of video game production. His experience with project planning, competitive analysis, sound design, quality assurance, legal issues, and developing working relationships with leagues and players gives him the perspective needed to direct the multidisciplinary VFS Game Design program.

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