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Guest Speakers

Every year, VFS invites excellent speakers from all disciplines in the entertainment arts to speak to students about the issues that matter to them most: the tricks of the trade, insider secrets, and professional advice that sets our graduates apart from the pack when it's time to start a career. Guest speakers for Game Design offer students the chance to hear the latest word from the industry, ask questions, and learn from the success of celebrities, experts, and artists in the field.

Inside the Game: Skyrim's Bruce Nesmith

Skyrim's Bruce Nesmith takes us in depth into dynamic content in the blockbuster RPG.

TechBA's Itzam De Gortari Visits VFS

Game specialist and TechBA Seattle CEO Itzam De Gortari visited the VFS Game Design campus to talk about the future of independent development and the trials and tribulations we face as we enter today’s market.

Guest Post: Extra Credits' James Portnow Visits VFS

Game Design student Isaac Colon gives us a rundown of yesterday's visit from Extra Credits' James Portnow.

Guest Post: Will the Angry Birds Be Having the Salad or the Soup?

Student Sara Moore got some quality time with the makers of the all-time bestselling iPhone game.

CIS Vancouver's Visual FX Guru Visits VFS

CIS Vancouver's Visual Effects Supervisor Bruce Woloshyn dropped by VFS last week to talk shop.

Jake Birkett on Casual Games

Big Fish Games' Jake Birkett presents Small Time to Big Fish: My Successful Journey in Casual Games.

Midway Shares the Love

Midway Games' Matt Taylor and Joe Berger (a VFS grad) discuss the Chicago-based studio with Game Design and 3D Animation & Visual Effects students.

Activision Brings Hard Answers

Activision designer Carl Schnurr presents 'Qualifying Design' to Game Design students.