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Advisory Board

The Sound Design Advisory Board is a group of selected industry professionals who, utilizing their years of experience and insight, guide the Sound Design curriculum to ensure the education you receive meets industry's needs. In this way, you can be sure your education is relevant, current and embodies the best practices of the Sound Design field.

Craig Berkey | Rob Blake | Charles Deenen | Alex MacFarlane | Andy Malcolm | Miguel Nunez | Mark Scott | Paul Sharpe | Chad York

Craig Berkey

Sound Designer, Supervisor, and Re-Recording Mixer

Craig Berkey (C.A.S.) is a leading feature film Sound Designer and Mixer. He is an Academy Award and BAFTA nominee, as well as the recipient of the Cinema Audio Society Award for Best Sound Mixing on No Country for Old Men. He has received two Golden Reel Awards and 12 nominations.

A native of Canada, Berkey completed a program in recording arts in Vancouver, where he was introduced to the world of post-production sound and landed his first job editing on the TV series Mom P.I. (1990). In 1993, Berkey moved to Los Angeles where he has since had the opportunity to work on a wide a variety of films as a sound designer, mixer, and editor. His recent credits include: Hanna, The Soloist (directed by Joe Wright), The Tree of Life, The New World (directed by Terrence Malick), True Grit, A Serious Man, No Country for Old Men (directed by the Coen brothers), Superman Returns, X-Men, X2 (directed by Bryan Singer), Big Fish (directed by Tim Burton), and State of Play (directed Kevin Macdonald).

Berkey has a penchant for pushing technology and the use of sound. He is currently pioneering new ways of designing and mixing his various projects. He recently returned to Vancouver with his family and is working on several new movies from his home studio.

Rob Blake

Rob Blake is the Audio Lead for the Mass Effect franchise at BioWare. He leads one of the largest audio teams in the games industry, directing the technological and creative aspects of sound and music on all Mass Effect projects. The Mass Effect franchise is one of the most highly regarded series in video game history, with Mass Effect 2 being both EA's and BioWare's most critically acclaimed game.

Before arriving at BioWare, Rob was audio lead and senior sound designer at Blitz Games and Tragnarion Studios in Britain and Spain, completing multiple game projects across a variety of platforms. Prior to the games industry he worked on over fifty films, television shows and adverts in a variety of audio roles, including Foley artist, sound designer, mixer and composer.

BioWare has strong ties with VFS, with many of the BioWare sound team having studied there. Rob's presence on the Advisory Board continues to build on this relationship.

Charles Deenen

Electronic Arts
Senior Audio Director

Charles Deenen is one of the most sought-after audio directors in the game audio  industry . In a career that has spanned more than twenty years, Charles has leant his hand to over 200 games, numerous films, and dozens of film trailers. Despite all this, Charles has remained steadfastly loyal to Electronic Arts .

In 1985, Charles and a partner founded the first company in the world expressly dedicated to producing audio for computers. Charles' work was eventually noticed by Interplay Entertainment, and they moved him from the Netherlands to work on their famous Baldur's Gate, Fallout, and Star Trek game franchises.

In 2000, Charles took a break from the gaming industry to pursue sound design for films. In that time, he worked on The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious , among others. This work translated into a passion for fast cars, loud sound, and the ultimate pursuit of emotionally-engaging audio. Alongside long-format sound design, Charles continues to contribute to Hollywood's trailer advertising arm, with highlights including The DaVinci Code, Stealth, Mr & Mrs Smith, SWAT, The Cave, and many others.

Charles returned to game audio on the Matrix franchise for Shiny Entertainment in 2002. This led to a full time position in the role of Senior Audio Director at Electronic Arts Vancouver. Here, he managed to combine his fascination for fast cars with his seasoned history in games on the Need for Speed series.

After leading the NFS audio team to win several industry awards, Charles eventually became EA's Studio Senior Audio Director, a position that enables the extension of his knowledge to the next generation of interactive media sound designers.

Alex MacFarlane

Next Level Games
Audio Director

Alex MacFarlane brings over two decades of professional experience to video games in his role as Audio Director at Next Level Games. With the completion of the multi-platform children's title Spiderman: Friend or Foe and the WiiWare game Jungle Speed, Alex is currently working on two unannounced titles.

A multi-talented artist and technician, Alex has over 19 years of experience as an audio engineer and over 26 years as a composer and performer. As an owner-operator of Ear-Shot Productions, Alex has produced and engineered over 50 productions, including movies (Lucky Stars, The Crossing), TV shows (Suckerpunch, The Unprofessionals), and music albums for Soul Candy and Trevor Cook, to name a few.

As a musician, Alex has played percussion for the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, Polygram recording artists Young Saints, and independent artists Trevor Cook, The Hit Kickers, and Melic Thrum. His connection to VFS runs deep and Alex is pleased to be back, having spent almost four years as a sound design instructor in the VFS Sound Design for Visual Media program before joining Next Level Games.

Andy Malcolm

Andy Malcolm has been mastering the art of Foley since his feet hit the soundstage in the 1970s. He has worked with some of the world's finest directors, including Norman Jewison on Moonstruck, James L. Brooks on As Good as It Gets, Jay Roach on Meet the Fockers, David Cronenberg on A History of Violence, and Robert Altman on A Prairie Home Companion. Andy's passion for his art is appreciated by all who work with him. He has inspired many over the years through his work and his teaching. Always looking for an interesting project, Andy has performed in a live Foley show for Canadian director Guy Maddin's critically-acclaimed Brand Upon the Brain!, which toured Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and San Francisco. Andy has also won numerous sound awards over the years for his Foley work.

Miguel Nunez
Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor / Re-recording Mixer

Miguel Nunes is one of Canada's leading independent film sound artists. He has received numerous awards, including two Gemini and nine Leo awards, and over 20 nominations including two Genie nominations.

Miguel began his career in sound as a music engineer and producer. He moved to Vancouver from Ottawa in 1994 to pursue an interest in sound for film. This led to a position at Sharpe Sound Studios as a Re-recording Mixer, mixing cable television programs and independent films. In 2000, an opportunity to sound design for Keystone Entertainment led to new possibilities as a freelancer, and soon Miguel began to attract a wide range of clientele with his unique and creative approach to film sound. Recent credits include the feature films Donovan's Echo, Repeaters, Year of the Carnivore; television series DaVinci's Inquest, Intelligence, Hiccups, The Haunting Hour; and live theater/multi-media projects such as Electric Company Theatres "film within a play" Tear the Curtain.

Miguel is currently working on several film, TV, and web series projects at his personal studio and in partnership with various sound facilities.

Mark Scott

Post Modern Sound
Vice President & Director of Operations

Mark Scott began his career as a writer, producer and creative director in the broadcast industry. He joined partner, David Hoole, in the early 1970s as Music Producer for Westward Communications and Studio Manager for Spot Shop Studio.

Over the years, Mark recorded and produced many international award-winning music campaigns and developed working relationships with many celebrated Canadian and international musicians, singers and producers. His voice talent continues to contribute to many North American advertisers' successful television and radio campaigns.

In 1994, under a new company name, Post Modern Sound Inc., with Mark's direction and planning, the facility was expanded to encompass 13,000 square feet of leading edge recording, editing and mixing rooms. This expansion was a direct result of the growing demand for post-production sound in the local film and television industries.

In 2000, Mark assumed responsibility for construction of the company's most ambitious growth to date. The complex now occupies 25,000 square feet and now includes a world-class digital mixing theatre for feature films, two new ADR stages and additional editorial suites.

Mark is responsible for designing and building studios, sourcing equipment, recruiting, training and supervising personnel, as well as overseeing the company's day-to-day operations to maintain Post Modern Sound as Vancouver's leading post sound facility.

Paul Sharpe

Paul Sharpe started in the film business in 1973 at Crawley Films in Ottawa, Ontario, where he worked as a production sound recordist and recording mixer. In 1980, he moved to Vancouver to work at Alpha Cine Services as a re-recording mixer on documentaries, dramas, and feature films until 1985, when he was offered a position as dialogue mixer for feature films with Glen Glenn Studios in LA.

Paul worked in virtually every major mixing stage in LA. By request, he was loaned out on various occasions to Disney, Warner Hollywood, Universal, Lionsgate, and Compact Video. He spent his last year in Hollywood as a lead mixer on Stage A at Todd A-O.

In 1990, Paul and his wife Jacqueline returned to Vancouver with the intention of applying their accumulated knowledge and experiences in Vancouver's film industry. With the support of the Canadian government and the Vancouver film community, they opened up a state-of-the-art, Dolby stereo sound studio, Sharpe Sound Studios, Inc. - the first of its kind in western Canada.

During his 30 years in the film business, Paul has worked on thousands of feature films and television shows, and he looks forward to many more.

Chad York

Chad began his audio pursuits with a Diploma in Jazz Performance followed by a Diploma in Recording Sciences from Grant MacEwan College. After graduating in '94 he relocated to Vancouver and began freelancing as a musician and engineer. He has played a variety of roles in audio. From sound design, scoring and sound supervision on Nike Soccer commercials to engineering recordings for Detroit rapper Royce da 5'9" to composing and arranging for string quartets, Chad has worn many "audio hats". He's had the opportunity to work with other notable clients such as ABC Network Television, Apple, Universal Music, Sony, Mary Wilson (The Supremes), Princess Cruise Lines, Clear Channel Radio Network, Resfest, and others.

In 2003, Chad switched gears and began working as an educator. During this time he developed and taught audio courses for both The Arts Institute and Vancouver Film School. He was involved in developing courses for several departments including Game Design, Sound Design and Digital Design.

5 years ago he shifted gears again moving into the games industry. He is currently Audio Director at Next Level Games where he recently completed work on Ubisoft's Ghost Recon and has produced console games for Microsoft and Nintendo. He was awarded New Media BC's "Best Music Score 2007" for Mario Strikers Charged and more recently awarded "Best Music Score for Wii 2009" for his work on Nintendo's PunchOut!! Wii. IGN also nominated the same title for "Sound Excellence in a Game 2009".