Jeremy Butler | Sound Design for Visual Media Faculty | Vancouver Film School


Jeremy Butler


Originally hailing from Southern Alberta, Jeremy's audio career started humbly as a co-op radio host in his home town of Pincher Creek. He moved to Vancouver in 1998 to attend audio engineering school at The Columbia Academy.

After graduation, he accepted a tape operator job at Vancouver's QMFM / CFUN radio station. His audio post-production career began when he started working in the SFX editorial department at Ocean studios on the Toei animated series Dragon Ball Z, and then moved to the dialogue editorial department for the English dubbing of the 52 episode, Bandai animated series Gundam Wing. As his audio career evolved, the vast Gundam franchise provided many spin-off series, including a re-dubbing of Mobile Suit Gundam, the original series that launched the franchise in 1979. His work on the Gundam franchise included three feature-length animations (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, First Gundam, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counter Attack), as well as five Sony PlayStation II titles. Jeremy continued to record dialogue for many Bandai, Viz Media, Toei, Sunrise, and Hasbro animation series at Ocean Studios and Westwood Media in Vancouver, and Blue Water Studios and Sundae Sound in Calgary.

Wanting to move into live action films, Jeremy accepted an instructor position in the Digital Audio Recording Department at The Columbia Academy.  Within a few years he became the head of the Sound Design Department, where he was able to create and implement a brand new curriculum that was used until 2011, when the school closed after 45 years in Vancouver.  During his tenure he gained many credits as a sound supervisor, mixer, original score composer, and sound designer. His credits include nine feature-length dramas, four feature-length documentaries, and thirty-two short films. He also scored original music for two complete television series (Wine Sense and Life With An Accent), the latter of which earned him a 2011 Leo Nomination for Musical Score in a Dramatic Series.

Jeremy is currently a faculty member of the Sound Design Department at Vancouver Film School, a mix engineer at Rukkus House, bass player in the Vancouver rock band Clash at the Carnival, and looking forward to many great years of film magic with the teams at Rukkus House and VFS.