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Beyond Film & Television

Writers familiar with producing content for an array of visual media will have an extra edge when it comes to looking for work in a competitive market. In Writing for Film & Television, you will gain a wide array of skills and knowledge to strengthen and broaden your portfolio, from writing comedy sketches and video game scripts to learning how to take advantage of opportunities in digital media to bring your stories to the world in a new way.

New Media
Writing for Games
Writing for Comic Books
Writing for Commercials
Acting for Writers
Entertainment Journalism

Production Highlight: Sketch Comedy

What is comedy? What makes writing a sketch different from a short, comedic film script? Just like in the writer's room on a show like Saturday Night Live, you'll pitch, write, and rewrite short sketches that will then be cast, rehearsed, and performed in front of a live public audience.

Sketch Comedy Documentary

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Writing for Television

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