Vancouver Film School Showcase: A selection of outstanding student projects by program.


VFS students graduate with a portfolio project or demo reel designed to demonstrate their creative and technical abilities to potential employers and collaborators. These pieces are often the key factor in our students getting hired by internationally renowned companies like Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Electronic Arts.

What follows is a selection of outstanding student projects by program.

3D Animation & Visual Effects

Student-created 3D animation, modeling reels, and visual effects reels. more

Classical Animation

2D films and Flash animations by Classical Animation students. more

Digital Character Animation

Character-based animations made in less than 6 months. more

Acting for Film & Television

Short films showcasing Acting students' skills. more

Digital Design

Examples of Motion Design, Interactive Design, and Communication Design projects created by students. more

Film Production

Film students' Final Projects and Documentaries. more

Game Design

Students-created playable games and portfolios. more

Makeup Design for Film & Television

Makeup Design student portfolios. more

Programming for Games, Web & Mobile

Programming student portfolios. more

Sound Design for Visual Media

Hear examples of Animation and Film soundtracks created by Sound Design students. more

Writing for Film & Television

Writing students' Portfolio Short films and collaborative projects with other programs. more

Foundation Visual Art & Design

Examples of Drama, Documentary, Animation, and Art Direction projects created by students. more