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Once Upon A Barn 2,340 views

Duration: 01:14 | Published: Monday February 14th 2011  (2.67 stars by 55 voters)

Created by Vancouver Film School student Humaira Thalayan through the VFS Foundation Visual Art & Design program.

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I'm sorry but ... WHAT!? Where the heck was that even going?

Posted from US Medievalfilms on Monday February 14th 2011

READ WHAT IT SAYS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO. " foundation visual art & design students train in a wide range of visual media techniques to discover their artistic potential in animation, design, and film. The following project is a result of that exploration. " THIS MEANS THIS STUDENT WOULD GO INTO THE 3D PROGRAM WITH THIS AS A PORTFOLIO WHICH ISN'T BAD AT ALL CONSIDERING THAT.

Posted from CA twomns on Thursday February 17th 2011


Isayno Noosok on Monday February 14th 2011

Hmmm.. You will get a tough time finding a job when you show this. I recommend not showing it, and make a new ine, a better one. Or show some nice modelling or sketches but not this little movie.

Posted from CA kukelz on Wednesday February 16th 2011

@pkiriakou disculpame griego, vete a tirar cocteles molotov si te place, que el inglés es mi 4a lengua y a veces hago faltas, ahora mismo m corto las venas ;D LOL menudo subnormal, el listo de turno, lo importante es comunicar, y creo que has entendido lo que quria decir o es que eres retrasado mental. Que tinguis bon dia amic (aixo es català, no et surtira en al traductor de google) :)

Posted from ES fitobcnfito on Tuesday February 15th 2011

I'm sorry you paid all that money to go to VFS and came out with this...

Posted from US dankjeenyus on Monday February 14th 2011

@fitobcnfito With the same philosophy, you shouldn't discourage the student from posting to the net, but encourage him to be critisized and to learn from his mistakes.

Panayiotis Kyriakou on Tuesday February 15th 2011

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