VFS Open House 2017

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April 1 - Vancouver 2 to 5 p.m. VFS Animation Campus
151 W. Cordova Street,
Vancouver, BC

Available Programs

  • 3D Animation + VFX
  • Acting Essentials
  • Acting for Film + TV
  • Animation Concept Art
  • Classical Animation
  • Digital Design
  • Film Production
  • Foundation Visual Art + Design
  • Game Design
  • Makeup Design
  • Programming for Games, Web + Mobile
  • Sound Design
  • Writing for Film and Television

About Vancouver Film School

  • Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution
  • Offers intensive one-year programs in 3D animation, film, TV, programming, video game, motion and interactive design
  • Ranked the No. 1 Animation School in Canada, and No. 2 in the World
  • Ranked among the Top 25 Game Schools in the World
  • VFS instructors and mentors are all experienced industry professionals
  • VFS grads have achieved the highest levels of success across the entertainment and design sectors.

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