UX Design Workshop

Professional Development Workshop
for UX Design professionals.

User-Centred Design for UX Professionals - a workshop in two parts


Professional Development Workshop for UX Design professionals.


UX Design Workshop has been postponed. New workshop date To Be Determined.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for User Experience (UX) Practitioners working in industry.  You may be a single expert within your company or department, or the leader of a small team.  While you are able to do design work for projects, you wish you could do better design that inspires loyal users and make your company's offerings known for its User Experience.  However, you may have run into some roadblocks, particularly in the time you have for User Reasearch and Testing, as well as tight timeframes for creating your deliverables such as wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Part One: UX Research

No budget or time for user research, but still need to learn about your users? You will learn rapid research methods you can use if you have some, little, or no budget. Participants will conduct a mini research session and then together we'll analyze results to make artifacts such as user journeys, guiding principles, and evidence-based personas. These artifacts will then be used to inform Part Two of the workshop.


Part Two: Prototyping and Testing

What’s the best way to ensure that your research data gets included into your designs? Part Two covers how to use your artifacts from Part One to guide your design, and generate new features and functions. Participants will take part in wide-ranging but efficient brainstorming based on research data and artifacts from data, competitive analysis, and the best ways of crafting the information architecture of a new app or service.



Participants will also get some exposure to best practices and faster ways to employing design tools, including Sketch (with recently-introduced content and interactivity plugins) and Adobe XD, and in creating low- and high-fidelity prototypes. Participants will find out what’s most important when creating everything from rough wireframes to interactive prototypes, and how and when to use them to communicate and evaluate ideas. To keep the process user-focused, we will show how to quickly refine and improve prototypes based on testing.


The workshop concludes with a practical understanding of how to best communicate design ideas to others and a method for conducting rapid usability testing. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to incorporate user research into their work, and get a better understanding of how to create evidence-based artifacts that will help make their designs more user-centric. An added bonus is that they might just get the rest of their team (and even stakeholders) excited about doing user research.

Workshop Leaders

David Drucker has been working in UX for over 20 years on the desktop, then Web and more recently mobile platforms.  He's worked with companies like IBM and Fidelity Investments as well as many startups in Boston and Vancouver.  After working as a consultant in industry, he began teaching the next generation of UX Designers at BCIT, UBC and Emily Carr University, and now is speaking about UX to businesses and other practitioners in Vancouver.

Krispian Emert has over 10 years' experiece in UX, working at award-winning agencies and for some of the world's top brands, including Microsoft, The NFL, Thompson Reuters, ING, and Toyota.  Keen to improve the discipline of User Experience, Krispian teaches Information Architecture and Design Thinking at VFS, and speaks about UX Strategy at conferences, universities, and within Vancouver's UX community.