DRIMN and Beyond

By VFS Web Team, on August 20, 2007

DRIMN Group 2007It's been a busy year for Michelle Clement: she graduated from Classical Animation, got hired by Studio B, had her VFS film selected to screen on Air Canada flights, and recently got back from DRIMN--three weeks networking with animation artists in France. Michelle was kind enough to stay in touch and tell us about her trip:
"I got back a few weeks ago! I didn't have many pictures of most of the schools/educational places we visited, so I attached a picture of (mostly) the whole group of us. We travelled all around France; visited the cities of Angoulemme, La Rochelle, Paris, Vallencienne, Lille, and then went back to Paris for the last few days of the trip.
While we were there, we toured many schools, Enjmin, Supeinfocom, and Les Gobelins to name a few, and worked in various places as we travelled on group projects. The group projects were collaborations of 4 people, each person representing a different country, and all people in the group were from different continents. At the end of the trip, we had a screening or the projects, which were everything from Flash, to experimental film, to stop-motion, at Arte tv in Paris. We voted for one of winning groups, and a panel of French professionals voted for a winner, as well. The two groups that won get the chance to participate in film festivals, showing the group work as well as their own works.
It was so great, we all became so close over the three weeks, and met some great people! It was so interesting to learn about France and the animation/game industry, as well!"
Soon Michelle's heading back to work on the second season of the supercute animated-in-Flash series Pucca. But we understand she's got a few weeks off. Enjoy them, Michelle--you've earned 'em!