Hello, Vancouver, I'm Listening

By VFS Web Team, on December 10, 2007

Dr Howard GlussOur very own Bill Marchant, Head of Acting, was interviewed on the Dr. Howard Gluss Show recently (Gluss is like Frasier Crane, but without the comedy).FINDING OURSELVES IN THE MOVIES: EMBRACING SELF CONFIDENCE is the title of the conversation the doc has with Bill, also the subject of Gluss's book, and an important step in Bill's acting curriculum . "From neurotic character behavior in the films of Woody Allen to the paranoid behavior of Dr. Strangelove, Bill Marchant addresses the issue of how acting techniques can help minimize our neurotic behavior and build self confidence."
The conversation is in two parts, both available on mp3. The first part starts with a discussion about the portrayal of bipolar disorder in Hollywood film, and the second part continues with a closer look at the actor's idea of being "in the moment." A fascinating discussion that gives you a really good sense of the honesty and passion Bill brings to his acting and his teaching.