By VFS Web Team, on December 13, 2007

alvin-chipmunks.jpgMany of the VFS grads who contributed to The Golden Compass also had a hand in tomorrow's big release: the live-action Alvin & the Chipmunks!
Pearl Hsu, Effects Technical Director on the film, is a graduate of the 3D program. Like many of her generation, Pearl has nostalgic feelings for those squeaky-voiced critters...
About the experience of working on the film, Pearl says:
"I worked on the food effects coming off of the chipmunks as they eat, and also the water castoff when Alvin comes out of the dishwasher (the chipmunks are very good at putting themselves in funny situations). As a fan of the TV series, it was very exciting to see the chipmunks come to life and know that I was involved in it getting to the final render.
What I enjoyed most about working on Alvin, and at Rhythm & Hues in general, is the chance to learn from talented professionals. In Alvin, I was given a chance to branch out from effects work and try my hand at lighting and compositing. Doing so made me appreciate the amount of effort that goes into the movie at every stage, and the level of talent that I'm surrounded by every day. But, the best part of it all is seeing the finished movie on the big screen. The chipmunks are incredibly cute, and their songs are addictive!"
Pearl has gone from working on itsy-bitsy heroes to the biggest of the all -- she's currently hard at work on 2008's Incredible Hulk.