Mass Effect 2 Goes Planetside Tomorrow!

By VFS Web Team, on January 25, 2010

When BioWare's Mass Effect hit shelves in late '07, it was with a great deal of anticipation. And although the game wasn't without its flaws, it's also very fondly remembered - all in all, a great kickoff for an original IP.
Which explains the buzz surrounding Mass Effect 2, due tomorrow. ME2 promises a giant leap in interactive narrative, while ironing out the kinks of the first game.
We mentioned this fall that VFS grads have a huge presence at BioWare when we interviewed alum and designer Mark Barazzuol about eventual RPG of the Year and PC Game of the Year Dragon Age: Origins. Well, VFS's connections with Mass Effect 2run even deeper. By our count, at least 1214 VFS grads worked on Mass Effect 2, from programs like Sound Design for Visual Media, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Game Design, and even Film Production.
Game Design grad and ME2Lead Cinematic Designer Armando Troisiwas interviewed by ND Net recently. Choice quote: "Overall, this title propels the cinematic design from ME1 forward an entire generation and I'm excited to see the reactions from the public." (Here's our own interview with Armando from the time of the first game's release.)
We can also tell you, by way of a VFS Blog exclusive preview, that Armando will be joining us at Game Design Expo 2010 (April 10-11) with a talk titled Get Your Game Out Of My Movie! Interactive Narrative Design in Mass Effect 2. More announcements - and ticket sales - coming soon! Visit for the latest.
Also, stay tuned for more ME2 talk right here on the blog tomorrow.
Full list of VFS grads onMass Effect 2after the jump:

From Game Design: Lead Cinematic Designer Armando Troisi, Cinematic Designer Guilherme Ramos (past interview), Gameplay/Systems Designer Corey Gaspur, and QA Tester Kenneth Banadyga. Update: And Cinematic Designer Sam Irwin! Update #2: And Level Designer Matthew Resmini!
From Sound Design for Visual Media: Sound Designers Jeremie Voillot, Joel Green (past interview), Jordan Ivey, Michael Kent, and Steve Bigras (past interview).
From 3D Animation & Visual Effects: Senior Cinematics Animator Bartek Kujbida (past interview) and Principal Artist Kolby Jukes (past interview). (Kolby shares some shots of Thane, a character he made, on his website.)
From Film Production: Senior Cinematic Designer Edward Douglas.