Out Tomorrow: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

By VFS Web Team, on March 15, 2010

Leave it to BioWare to do an expansion right. Following on the massive critical success of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect2, the Edmonton developer is releasing Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, a full expansion in an industry often preoccupied with fast, cheap downloadable add-ons.
Awakeningcomes out tomorrow, and, like the main game, features the work of a whole bunch of VFS grads. Among them, 3D Animation & Visual Effects grad Nathan Zufelt, who, as he explains on his blog, was the cinematic animator on the expansion:

It's quite rare these days to be given a script on a large project that you get to storyboard, animate and even light and composite. Bioware is one of the few big studios where an animator can actually take his own shots entirely from script to screen.

Game Design grad Mark Barazzuol, who we interviewed at the time of Dragon Age: Origins' release, was also in the mix.