A VFS Tribute to Moms

By VFS Web Team, on May 7, 2010

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"2660","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignleft size-full wp-image-11124","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"220","height":"220","title":"A VFS Tribute to Moms","alt":""}}]]Moms matter.
Whether you're an artist or a filmmaker or a designer or an actor, writer, or otherwise creative person, there's a good chance that somewhere out there, there's been a mom - or a mom figure - who supported you in your highs and your lows. She was there, somehow, somewhere, no matter what.
So, to celebrate Mother's Day, we reached out to a few VFS grads - District 9 co-writer Terri Tatchell, publicist Jasmyn Pozzo, web series mastermind Ryan Copple, and artist Julianna Kolakis - and asked them to reflect upon moms and motherhood, in their own words.
We bring you... A VFS Tribute to Moms.
Terri Tatchell
Co-Writer, District 9
Grad, Writing for Film & Television
(blog story)
To me, Mothers's Day means far more than a hallmark card and bouquet of flowers. Creatively and professionally, becoming a mother changed everything for me. It gave me permission to play every single day and nothing fuels creativity like playing! It gave me permission to believe I could create something from nothing; a pretty empowering concept, which still baffles me every time I look at my daughter. And it allowed me to take huge creative risks and dare to subject myself to rejection and failure, because at the end of the day when you're a mom things that used to seem impossibly scary suddenly just aren't that big of a deal anymore. Being a mom puts life into perspective.
Being a mother also had a massive affect on the writing of District 9. I was having trouble investing myself emotionally in these repulsive creatures and purposely set out to create a scenario, which would force me to care. And there is nothing I care more about than being a mother. The second Little CJ was conceived, the story's heart came to life for me, and I'd like to think that it was one of the elements that helped bring it to life for other people as well.
So on this Mother's Day, not only will I be honouring my own amazing mother, but I will be thanking my daughter because there is no question in my mind, that being her mom has been professionally, creatively and personally the biggest gift of my life.
Jasmyn Pozzo
Publicist & Head of Toronto Operations, The Promotion People
Grad, Entertainment Business Management
(blog story)
My mother, Debra Fratesi, has always been a source of encouragement, support, and enlightenment in my life. Whether I needed someone to help me proofread an essay or just listen to me vent about deadlines, workload, etcetera, she has always made herself readily available throughout my academic and professional career. She is one of the most intelligent women I know, and her success as both a mother and career woman inspired me to work as hard as I could to become someone that would make her just as proud of me, as I am of her. She is not only my mother, but my best friend, and the absolute best example of a strong and independent woman that I have ever encountered. I know that whatever decisions I make, I always have her in my corner, and I can't imagine something that means more than that!
Ryan Copple
Co-Creator/Writer, Riese
Grad, Foundation Visual Art & Design
(blog story)
I was incredibly blessed to have my mom as a creative role model. A true entrepreneur, she ran multiple businesses, including an interior design studio and an art gallery. Not only did she have amazing vision, she had motivation and drive, which made her one of the most successful women in my community. She constantly pushed me towards being creative, and if it wasn't for her own success, I wouldn't have been brave enough to try. I'll always be grateful for her insisting that the most important thing one can do with their life is to create.
Julianna Kolakis
Character Designer & Artist, Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson, District 9
Grad, 3D Animation & Visual Effects
(blog story)
I was encouraged to explore art at an early age, working with paints, canvases, and sketchbooks after I learned to hold a pencil. My mom Diana, an artist herself, always supplied me with unconditional support and the tools to work with. She continued to encourage me, embracing my early passion to paint, and always understood the importance that art played in my life. It was her realistic work of sketches and paintings that inspired me to push for the same level of quality. Without knowing where my career would lead, she continued to believe in my dreams and supported the idea of attending an art school.
She took me to the VFS open house in Edmonton and encouraged my move to Vancouver. Taking this path has led me to more opportunity than I ever imagined and I can't thank her enough for teaching and supporting me all those years. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her.
Has your own mom played a big role in shaping your life and creative career? Share your own stories and tributes in the comments!