ModNation Racers Turbo Boosts Onto Scene

By VFS Web Team, on May 25, 2010

Today's release of ModNation Racers(PS3) is a particularly exciting one for us. For one, the kart racer is the first title from Vancouver developer United Front Games, which has been a major supporter of VFS graduates from a number of programs. For another, it promises insane user tools for building karts, characters, and tracks as the second title under the "Play, Create, Share" banner - and appears to totally deliver.
The buzz for MNRwas a bit of a slow burn, but what we saw at Game Design Expo 2010 was enough to get us salivating - incredibly refined (and fun!) customization tools and a kart racer that does its genre justice. IGN gave it 9 out of 10, with the reviewer writing, "For my money, this is one of the best handling kart racers on the market and it's definitely got the genre cornered in terms of online options." Oh, and "I really can't stress how brilliant all of this creation stuff is."
Good game play? Check. Great customization? Check.
VFS alumni abound on the title, including Game Design grads Brennan Massicotte (Artist) and Nick Letizia (Game Designer). You might remember Brennan from our multi-part "Careers in Bloom" series and Nick from the behind-the-scenes vid we posted in March. Also, there are Sound Design for Visual Media grads Toby Hulse(Sound Designer) and Allan Levy (Sound Designer), along with Digital Character Animation grad Eric Gabas (Senior Environment Artist), and Digital Design's Seth Powell (Presentation Artist).
We have more to look forward to from upstart UFG, too - lots more grads worked on the developer's second title, True Crime, slated for release later this year!