Tuesdays with The Super Villain (.com)

By VFS Web Team, on November 30, 2010

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Visitors to TheSuperVillain.com will find a new -- and consistently weird -- comic posted every weekday. You can catch Classical Animation grad Mike Geiger's work on Tuesdays, when his "Stump" series is usually posted alongside the other talented artists he's joined up with to create an online home for comic artistry.
How did TheSuperVillain.com come together?
Mike: The site was created as a little place to bring together a few artists and friends with an appreciation for each other, and just try to do something for the enjoyment of creating artwork.
What's the goal of this project?
Mike: The goal of the site for us is really just to be able to bounce off of one another's achievements and hopefully create an inspiring place to visit online, whether it be for us or anyone else visiting the site for the first time.
Thanks, Mike. Good luck with the site!
Click here to visit TheSuperVillain.com.