VFS Grads Save the Universe with Mass Effect 3

By VFS Web Team, on March 6, 2012

Creating one massively-successful game that also garners enthusiastic critical acclaim would be enough for most companies to rest on their laurels, but when BioWare followed up Mass Effect with the equally successful Mass Effect 2, the pressure was on for the final act in the trilogy to top both of them. Today, most of the world will find out if they were successful, although early critical response seems a resounding "Yes".
"Mass Effect 3 goes out on a big note. A galactic note. A giant, infra-sonic ultra-low frequency alien scream of a note."
"The answer is yes. Mass Effect 3 is a triumph."
"More than ever, the Mass effect universe pulls off the masterful trick of feeling huge and yet believable."
"Few gaming sagas come to a definitive close, but this one signs off in breathtaking style."

The team crafting that experience included VFS alumni from Game Design, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, and Sound Design for Visual Media.
David Murphy - Sound Designer
Joel Green - Sound Designer
Herbert Lowis - Senior Character Artist
Nathan Zufelt - Senior Cinematic Animator
Jeremie Voillot - Technical Audio Lead
Bartek Kujbida - Senior Cinematic Animator
Corey Gaspur - Lead Combat Designer
Samuel Irwin - Cinematic Designer
Jordan Ivey - Sound Designer
Steven Bigras - Audio Artist
Patrick Biason - Audio Artist
You may remember some of them from our exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at BioWare last year, which also included an interview with Audio Lead Rob Blake.
Congratulations, everyone!