VFS Fall Info Sessions: You Are Here

By VFS Web Team, on October 2, 2015

The VFS Info Sessions have always been about connecting with passionate artists and creative technicians, just like you. It’s a chance for us to share our story, learn more about who you are, and experience the cultures of exciting new places.

This year, we’ve expanded the tour to include 17 cities across North America — an initiative inspired by our 30th Anniversary celebration series. We’re so excited about the upcoming journey—kicking off in Seattle, WA on October 9—that we’ve decided to document our travels by sharing all sorts of videos, photos, and articles on our social media channels.

Here’s what to look out for: 

If you’ve ever wanted to pursue a career in the film, TV, digital, mobile, and gaming industries, Vancouver Film School is the place for you. Watch out for 10 new videos set to be released on our Instagram and Facebook accounts every Monday and Friday (from October 9-30). Imagine yourself here by exploring the beauty of Vancouver and the uniqueness of our campuses. 

Warning: Day dreams and pining may occur.

With 17 cities marked on our map, it’s safe to say that we have a lot of travelling to do. We want to make the most of it, so we’re highlighting each new city on our social channels, and we encourage you to join in on the fun. Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook us with your own city-specific pictures and, if you’re attending the Info Sessions, why not send us your best selfie? If you show us yours, we’ll show you ours!

Who doesn’t love a good contest? Or a prize package? No one, that's who.

You'll have seen our videos about Vancouver and VFS, now we want you to send us a selfie on Instagram and show us where you are. 

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow VFS on Instagram (@vancouverfilmschool)
  2. Hashtag your selfie by using #WhereAreYou
  3. Tag #vfs
  4. Post!

The entries will be put in a draw and the winner will receive an exciting prize package! 

Here’s the first video to give you a taste of what's to come!

We hope you'll connect with us in your city and join in on on our road trip adventures. We can't wait to meet you!