Happy Canada Day!

By VFS Web Team, on July 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Canada! You don’t look a day over 145!

Today, we’re celebrating how lucky we are to be able to call Canada our home. We can’t wait to wear white and red, carry mini paper flags, eat hotdogs, and paint a maple leaf on our face. There are so many activities going on in and around Vancouver, so we thought we'd offer up a list. Here are some things you can do to show off your Canadian pride:

  • Canada Place – It’s a full day of fun with musical performances, street hockey, Expo ’86 pavilion, and an evening parade starting at West Georgia and Broughton Streets (7:00 p.m.). And yes, of course, there will be fireworks.
  • Canada Day on Granville Island – You can decorate your bike, dye your own yarn, watch an ocean kayak demo, enjoy freshly boiled lobster, visit the crafting and selfie station, join the cartoon face challenge, splash around in the water park, get a maple leaf tattoo, watch roving performers all over the island, visit the glassblowing demonstrations, have a disco party, okay, you know what? Maybe just visit the website for a full list of events. There’s a lot.
  • Fly Over Canada – What better way is there to celebrate someone’s birthday than to fly over them? Okay. Well. That might be weird in normal circumstances, but it’s perfect for Canada Day! Fly Over Canada is a magical virtual flight ride with special effects like wind, scents, and mist! Mist! Who doesn’t want some spritz in July? It’s hot!


  • BBQ with friends – If big crowds aren’t your thing, may we suggest kickin’ it old school? Call your closest friends, fire up a playlist (you have to have at least one Anne Murray song on there, promise?), find a BBQ, and get to the grocery store. Don’t forget the birthday cake for dessert! 
  • Fist bump Justin Trudeau –  Sure. This one's a bit of a long shot. If you happen to be in Ottawa today and you get the chance, take it. Just take it.

Finally, if you're looking for a little light reading, The National Post put out a wonderful article that features famous Canadians sharing their childhood stories

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