Acting for Film + Television

Transform your relationship with yourself and others. Develop an actor's instrument and a comprehensive understanding of the craft and business of acting.

You are inspired by the power of acting. You understand the critical relationship between the actor, the story, and the camera, and how it shapes an audience's reaction to a feature film, TV, or web series. You are ready for relentless self-discovery, and to take the necessary steps on your journey. You possess the commitment to hone your most valuable instrument – YOU. You are an actor.

An Education in Acting for Film + Television

A Year in Acting

VFS Acting faculty offer an overview of the intensive one-year experience you will take on as an actor at VFS, from your first day in the classroom to your last day on set.

A Year in Acting

Acting students in a movement class

Prepare Your Instrument

Gain intense hands-on experiences to develop your vocal and physical instrument, as well as a strong imagination connected to truthful impulse. Build the techniques behind the most prized performances.

Prepare Your Instrument

Gain On-Camera Experience

Synthesize your new skills and shine in an intensive studio film set experience. Bring your role to life under the creative guidance of an experienced director and be ready for your close up. These final projects will be screened at your Grad ceremony.

Gain On-Camera Experience

Program Breakdown

CLIMB. Begin the mental, physical, and emotional preparation necessary to enter into the craft of acting. You'll encounter the core principles, including acting technique, camera skills, movement, voice, and improvisation.

LEAP. Elevate your acting techniques, critical sensibilities, and performance range. Experience the technical and creative demands of television auditions.

DIG. Expand your range and presence through improv and collaborations with Film Production. Investigate how your life story informs your performances, enabling you to bring greater truth to your work.

EMERGE. Apply your growing skills to deep scene study and personal monologues. Discover the demands of Sitcom and the high stakes skills necessary for motion capture, green screen, and heightened dramas. Share your work at the end of the term in a live presentation.

FREEFALL. Experience an intense acting workshop that aims to free your impulse to elevate every performance. Voice Coaching sessions will further encourage ease and range in your voice to prepare you for the demands of feature film auditions and your introduction to the world of Voice Acting.

HORIZON. Think beyond the school and cement the work you’ve accomplished in the year. Shoot your film project and promo reel in studio to showcase your talents. Define how to be the driver of your own career and consider strategies for getting an agent.

  • program length

    12 Months

  • Time spent with instructors

    1000+ Hours

  • A Diploma in Acting for Film + Television
  • Video of your class's projects, professional headshots, and a promotional package highlighting your acting work
  • Access to the VFS Alumni Directory and Job Board
  • A graduation launch on, including a one-year membership

Student Work

Student during voice acting class

Voice Acting

Voice Acting requires a fully engaged actor; body, spirit, and voice. You'll gain valuable experience in a collaboration with students from Sound Design for Visual Media. Be prepared to create exciting animation characters, and face the challenges of prelay and ADR. This is your opportunity to refine your craft on the mic.

Voice Acting

Acting students filming a project in front of a green screen

Greenscreen Shoot

With the evolution of production technology, you will be required to apply your acting skills to many production venues with unique demands. The greenscreen shoot illustrates how nuances of your physical performance can determine the outcome of a shoot.

Greenscreen Shoot

Students learning physical combat with replica swords

Special Skills + Special Effects

As part of the Special Skills and Special Effects for the Actor course, movement classes introduce you to the intricacies of realistic physical combat. Experience armed combat with our partners, Academie Duello, in their specialized training facility.

Special Skills + Special Effects

Key Faculty

Our Acting instructors come right from the industry, and offer an unparalleled education based on decades of real-world experience, designed to give students the skills, contacts and confidence to kick start their careers.

Head of Acting Jennifer Clement first photo
Head of Acting Jennifer Clement second photo

Jennifer Clement

Head of Department

Jen has acted in over 100 theatre, film and TV projects in the course of her professional career. She has been teaching for ten years, sharing her years of experience, and passion for acting, with her students.

Acting Creative Specialist Bill Marchant first photo
Acting Creative Specialist Bill Marchant second photo

Bill Marchant

Creative Specialist

Bill's feature film Everyone won Best Canadian Film at the Montreal World Film Festival and was nominated for four Leo Awards. Along with numerous roles in Canadian television, Bill has written and directed short films and plays.

Instructor Nancy Sivak

Nancy Sivak


Nancy has been a professional actor in Vancouver for over 25 years. She has worked on the stage, as well as in television and film. Her involvement in the world of independent film has taken her to film festivals around the world.

Improv Instructor Michael Robinson first photo
Improv Instructor Michael Robinson second photo

Michael Robinson

Instructor – Improv

Michael has been teaching acting for over 32 years at institutions around the world. He has over 80 credits in film, television, and commercials, has won both a BAFTA and a Leo award, and is a two-time World Theatresports Champion.

Acting Senior Instructor Cara McDowell first photo
Acting Senior Instructor Cara McDowell second photo

Cara McDowell

Senior Instructor

Cara has been coaching actors, teaching drama, performing, and directing for over 20 years. Recent credits include the lead in London Assurance, Sandy from Asymmetry, and Ava in For the Country Entirely. Favourite directing credits include Oleanna and Ashes to Ashes. 

Senior Instructor Alison James first photo
Senior Instructor Alison James second photo

Alison James

Senior Instructor

Alison has been acting, directing, and teaching for over 11 years. She played the coveted role of “Nurse Tiffany” in New Zealand's primetime clinical drama Shortland Street, which is still shown in over 70 countries.

See more Instructors and staff

Faculty Career Highlights

Strange Empire poster, Acting staff credits

Strange Empire

Bill Marchant – Dr. Thomas Blithely ​

Diary of a Wimpy Kid poster, Acting staff credits

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jennifer Clement – Mrs. Flint

Intelligence poster, Acting staff credits


Bill Marchant – Paul Legros
Jennifer Clement – Parent
Nancy Sivak  – Anne's Mother

Supernatural poster, Acting staff credits


Kurt Evans – FBI Special Agent Carl Reidy
Jennifer Clement – Wendy Rice
Bill Marchant – Deputy Frank

Everyone poster, Acting staff credits


Bill Marchant – Shepard (Bill also wrote, directed, and produced Everyone)
Cara McDowell – Rachel
Nancy Sivak – Madeline

Da Vinci's Inquest, Acting staff credits

Da Vinci's Inquest

Bill Marchant – Don Marcos
Jennifer Clement – Sarah Woods
Nancy Sivak – Sara MIlls

Dead Like Me poster, Acting staff credits

Dead Like Me

Michael Robinson – Bill Bright

Eureka poster, Acting staff credits


Jennifer Clement –  Susan Perkins

Fido poster, Acting staff credits


Jennifer Clements –  Dee Dee Bottoms

Smallville poster, Acting staff credits


Nancy Sivak – Marilyn

Some Assembly Required poster, Acting staff credits

Some Assembly Required

Michael Robinson – Henry Melody

Stargate SG-1 poster, Acting staff credits

Stargate SG-1

Michael Robinson – Head of Council

Stephen King's Dead Zone poster, Acting staff credits

Stephen King's Dead Zone

Bill Marchant – Scotty
Jennifer Clement – Phyllis Grantfork
Nancy Sivak – Animal Control Officer

The Frighteners poster, Acting staff credits

The Frighteners

Michael Robinson – Deputy Sheriff Butch Evans

The X Files poster, Acting staff credits

The X Files

Jennifer Clement – Michele Wilkes

Waydowntown poster, Acting staff credits


Jennifer Clement – Vicki Strayhorn

The Twilight Zone poster, Acting staff credits

The Twilight Zone

Nancy Sivak – Klara Hitler

Campus Life

Your year in Acting for Film + Television puts you in close contact with students in a host of other VFS programs, from writers and filmmakers to makeup artists and sound designers. This downtown training facility features near round-the-clock access to rehearsal space, computers, and everything you need to perform at your best. You'll also be surrounded by the city's best cafes, restaurants, and cultural attractions – not to mention some of the leading film and television production studios.

Acting student performing in front of a camera

Program Events

Allan Hawco of Republic of Doyle speaks to Acting students

Guest Speakers

Gain valuable career insights from industry guest speakers. Recent guests include Matthew Lillard (The Descendents), Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies), Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle), and Actors Workshops Canada with Jennifer Cooper.

Guest Speakers

Acting and Film Production students on the set of a film project

Film Production Collaboration

Participate in a collaboration opportunity with students from the Film Production program. The resulting short film project will become part of your portfolio and allow you to demonstrate your growing comfort performing for the camera.

Film Production Collaboration

Industry veteran Matthew Lillard, during a question and answer session with Acting students

Interactive Q + A with Industry Professionals.

Engage with experienced professionals. Participate in demonstrations and ask questions about the intracacies of working as an actor.

Interactive Q + A with Industry Professionals.

Acting students gathered at the VFS Cafe for Slice event


Build an initial network of actors who are on the same creative path. This event brings the whole VFS Acting department together and occurs once during the four-month Acting Essentials program.



As a graduate of the Acting for Film + Television program at VFS, you’ll be trained to act in a variety entertainment media. Each avenue draws upon a unique aspect of your acting training and will encourage the ongoing pursuit of your artistic growth.

Feature Films and Television Series

As an actor for film and television, you may take your first step as an extra or with a guest role. An opportunity in a feature film could raise your profile, helping you to land future roles, while securing the role of a continuing character on a series can provide you with years of lucrative work.

Voiceovers and Animation

There is a burgeoning demand for actors with particularly expressive voices and wide vocal ranges. You provide the voices for animated characters, or bring words to life for radio and voiceovers.


Acting in commercials is often considered the "bread and butter" of the acting world, and relies heavily on strong improv skills. Engagements are short-lived but pay well.

Alumni Success

Vancouver Film School grads are some of the most successful professionals in the film and television industries. Take a moment to browse some of their accomplishments and achievements. The Alumni Success Stories feature tales of triumph and fame, and will open in another window to take you to the VFS Blog page. Grad Career Highlights offers a glimpse at some of our amazing alumni credits and contributions to the industry.

Grad Career Highlights

The Revenant poster, Acting for Film and Television alumni credits

The Revenant

Gracey Dove — Actor

Supernatural poster, Acting alumni credits


Adam DiMarco — Actor, Aidan
Aili Storen — Actor, Alice
Andrew Dunbar — Actor, Jake   
Anna Williams — Actor, Blonde Ruby
Ava Vanderstarren — Actor, Connie
Colby Johannson — Actor, James
Cole Vigue — Actor, Seth
Emilie Ullerup — Actor, Mia
Holly Dignard — Actor, Lucy
Iain Belcher — Actor, Trevor McAnn
Jovanna Huguet — Actor, Bloody Mary
Laci Mailey — Actor, Emily
Matthew Anderson — Actor, Officer Karl Henry
Peter Benson — Actor, Joba
Sara Canning — Actor, Lydia
William Vaughan — Actor, Sheriff Deputy Atkins

Tomorrowland poster, Acting alumni credits


Romuald Hivert — Actor, Eiffel Guard

Strange Empire poster, Acting alumni credits

Strange Empire

Jason Simpson — Actor, Gus

I Put a Hit on You poster, Acting alumni credits

I Put a Hit on You

Sara Canning — Executive Producer / Actor, Harper

Dead Rising 3 poster, Acting alumni credits

Dead Rising 3

Jason Simpson — Voice Actor, Male Zombie

Almost Human poster, Acting alumni credits

Almost Human

Iain Belcher — Actor, Julian
Romuald Hivert — Actor, Security Guard
William Vaughan — Actor, James

Garage Sale Mystery poster, Acting alumni credits

Garage Sale Mystery

Andrew Dunbar — Actor, Adam Iverson
Sara Canning — Actor, Hannah

Republic of Doyle poster, Acting alumni credits

Republic of Doyle

Sara Canning — Actor, Jessica Dwyer

The Vampire Diaries poster, Acting alumni credits

The Vampire Diaries

Sara Canning — Actor, Jenna Sommers

King and Maxwell poster, Acting alumni credits

King & Maxwell

Magda Apanowicz — Actor, Patty Russo
Sara Canning — Actor, Claire Culpepper

Primeval: New World poster, Acting alumni credits

Primeval: New World

Sara Canning — Actor, Dylan Weir

Motive poster, Acting alumni credits


Iain Belcher — Actor, Willie Schubert
Laci Mailey — Actor, Carly Morgan
Niall Matter — Actor, Damian Cutter 
Tony Benson — Actor, Tony Manning
William Vaughan — Actor, Brent Kovach

Captive poster, Acting alumni credits


Romuald Hivert — Actor, Naseem

Escape from Planet Earth poster, Acting alumni credits

Escape from Planet Earth

Jason Simpson — Voice Actor, Barry / Hazmat / Pilot

I Think I Do poster, Acting alumni credits

I Think I Do

Sara Canning — Actor, Audrey Ryan

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn poster, Acting alumni credits

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Iain Belcher — Actor, Walter Vickers

Arctic Air poster, Acting alumni credits

Arctic Air

Adam DiMarco — Actor, Kirby Nystoruk
Tanaya Beatty — Actor, Caitlin Janvier

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 poster, Acting alumni credits

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

Tanaya Beatty — Actor, Rachel

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record poster, Acting alumni credits

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Jason Simpson — Voice Actor, Seymour Redding / Survivors / Mercs

Rise of the Planet of the Apes poster, Acting alumni credits

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Surin Narula — Actor, Lab Tech. #4

The 100 poster, Acting alumni credits

The 100

Aatash Amirzadeh — Actor, Atohl

Admissions Info

To make sure you have accurate admissions information please select your region based on country of citizenship.


Select Your Region

Start Dates

Select Your Region


You will be asked to submit one of the following along with your application. Your advisor can help with selecting the best option.

Department Standards

Upload your audition to a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, a personal website, etc) and send a link to the school.

Please note that the audition must be specifically created for VFS according to the Content Requirements provided below and must be clearly identified as such. 

Content Requirements

The tape must be a maximum six minutes in length and must be in the following format:

  1. State your name on camera
  2. Demonstrate a contemporary monologue in less than one minute
  3. Demonstrate a short contemporary scene (applicant should be on camera and the reader off camera) in less than one minute
  4. If desired, provide a maximum one-minute demo of a special skill (e.g. singing, dance, physical action, etc.)
  5. Provide answers to the following questions in a maximum of two minutes:
  6. Why did you choose your audition pieces?
  7. How long have you wanted to act?
  8. Who inspired you to want to pursue an acting career?
  9. What are your strengths & weaknesses as an actor?
  10. If you can't be an actor, what would you choose to be?

When you talk to your Advisor, let them know that you've completed the Essentials program and they will put a copy of your diploma in your file for you.

For more about language requirements and other information for international students, visit the International Students page.

We Can Help

We’re here to help you submit an application that best reflects your abilities, and gives you the best chance of being accepted. We've helped thousands of people complete a successful year at VFS by answering questions like these: 


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  • How much will I need for living expenses in Vancouver?


  • How do I get to Vancouver?
  • Where will I live in Vancouver?
  • Do I need a visa?