Programming for Games, Web + Mobile

Create a focused software development portfolio in a fast-paced production environment that's driven by innovation.

You believe advanced software development is the crucial thread connecting today’s world.   You see games and interactive media as new and exciting frontiers for innovation.  You see new opportunities in web and mobile applications. You are creatively inspired by technical capabilities, and thrive on the challenges that they present.  You can envision the future and want to build it today.  You are a programmer.

An Education in Programming for Games, Web + Mobile

Web Development Class


Create light-weight and efficient realtime applications that run across distributed devices and take full advantage of cloud technologies.


iOs programming on the iPad


Investigate the power of Android and iOS technology, and how it can deliver meaningful experiences to user.


Interactive development for mobile devices

Interactive Entertainment Development

Learn how to write a game engine from the ground up to develop a small game engine capable of rendering 3D models.

Interactive Entertainment Development

Program Breakdown

Delve into the fundamental theories, key concepts, and processes involved in creating high-quality games, web, and mobile projects. Work with 2D and 3D design tools and discover asset pipelines for large projects.

Enhance your skill set by utilizing C++ programming language, Object Oriented Programming techniques, and mobile applications for the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Develop your ability to manage projects and assimilate requirements into a production-ready technical document. Create mobile apps and communicate with online networks and payment solution providers, using the Android platform and Java language.

Prepare for your career and discover fundamental skills in quality assurance. Encounter the key features of artificial intelligence in Unity and the building blocks that influence the gaming experience.

Focus on crafting your portfolio, and utilize Windows and OpenGL with C++ programming to create a simple game engine. Develop presentation skills to tackle a large industry audience.

Demonstrate knowledge in Winsock and the protocols TCP/IP and UDP. Create a cloud project that utilizes Amazon web services and synthesize all of your work in a professional-quality website showcase.

  • Program Length

    12 months

  • Time spent with instructors

    1000+ Hours

  • Coding Languages Taught



Game Development / Web Development 

See program breakdown and full course descriptions for more information.
  • A Diploma in Programming for Games, Web + Mobile
  • A professional-quality online portfolio
  • Access to the VFS Alumni Directory and Job Board

Student Work

Alan Porto da Silva, Andreia Goncalves, Steve Macias, Meabh McCarthy

TIB is a third-person 3v3 MOBA, where players fight for control points that, when captured, generate points for the team. Developed in collaboration with Game Design students Milton Ferreira and Benjamin Spialter in the Unity engine.


Taylor Powell, Taylor Evans

Time Passage an endless 2.5D fast-paced shooter and exploration dungeon crawler with a cartoon style. Created in Unity and developed in collaboration with Game Design students Juan Manuel Barrera and Thomas Irvine.

Time Passage

Student game data tracking and visualization sample by Hugo Moraleida

Hugo Moraleida

Recollection is a first-person puzzle game where players take on the role of an elderly man on his death bed traversing through his mind while solving spatial puzzles. The Data Tracking + Visualization project is a toolset for recording Recollection playthroughs and visualizing player pathing at edit mode, improving the level design iteration process.

Recollection Data Tracking + Visualization

Student Mobile App Project screen capture by Harman Singh and Lewis Feng

Harman Singh & Lewis Feng
Mobile App

PARK-It is an iOS app designed to make parking in the city easier. It uses Google Maps framework, Google Place API, AFNetworking and a self-managed server to store and edit a live parking database.


Mitchell Ganton + Pedro Landaverde

Connect is a tool that joins users within an organization to local businesses, events, and each other, to enhance their experience within that organization. The tool is based on location and integrated with Google Maps to assist users with choosing their destination. It can be tailored for schools or businesses.


Key Faculty

Our Programming instructors come right from the industry, and offer an unparalleled education based on decades of real-world experience, designed to give students the skills, contacts and confidence to kick start their careers.

Peter Walsh

Head of School of Creative Technologies

Peter is a game industry software development veteran with over 12 years' expertise as a technical leader, senior software engineer, and consultant for large projects. He is the author of several books on game engine design.

Senior Instructor Chris Mitchell first photo
Senior Instructor Chris Mitchell second photo

Chris Mitchell

Senior Instructor

Chris is an educator and industry veteran with more than 10 years' experience as an award-winning writer and game designer. He is one of the first people in the game industry to receive a nomination from the Writers Guild of America.

Digital Technology Instructor Scott Henshaw

Scott Henshaw

Senior Instructor

Scott has been in the software industry for almost 25 years.  After 12 years as a producer/director on a number of award winning new titles for Electronic Arts, he branched off to run his own development company producing HTML5 games before coming to VFS.

Programming Instructor Daesik Jang photo

Daesik Jang

Instructor - Programming

Daesik has worked as a professor, researcher and software developer over 15 years since his PhD in Computer Science, teaching  and developing new software technologies including Computer Vision, Face Recognition and mobile applications. He is an Adjunct Professor of UBC and VP of a mobile startup to lead research and production of challenging softwares.

See more Instructors and staff

Faculty Career Highlights

Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0

Peter Walsh — Author

Cohort Studios, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Cohort Studios

Peter Walsh

East Side Games logo, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

East Side Games

Dan Wesley

Electronic Arts logo, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Electronic Arts

Dan Wesley
Peter Walsh
Scott Henshaw

Medal of Honor poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Medal of Honor

Peter Walsh — Software Engineer

Need for Speed: Most Wanted poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Scott Henshaw — Director

Riese: Battle for Eleysia poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Riese: Battle for Eleysia

Dan Wesley — Project Lead


Scott Henshaw — Director of Development

Harry Potter game poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Harry Potter

Peter Walsh — Software Engineer

SSX poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits


Scott Henshaw — Director
Scott Morin — Level Designer

Whitebox Games poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile staff credits

Whitebox Games

Peter Walsh

Campus Life

Vancouver is a hub for the entertainment arts and a burgeoning tech scene, with more than 80,000 employees at 8,900 companies and over 350 active startups.
You learn and create in Vancouver's world-renowned Chinatown district. The Programming for Games, Web + Mobile campus has 24/7 access to every resource – studio spaces, arcades, and asset libraries – so you can focus on making the best work possible.

Outside the VFS Programming for Games, Web and Mobile Campus

Program Events

Student presents his work to industry members at Hello World event

Industry Night: Hello World

Towards the end of the program, you'll present your game or application (that you've spent the 6 months developing) to an invite-only audience of industry professionals. This is your chance to show them what you've got!

Industry Night: Hello World

Jaako Iisalo and Matthew Wilson of Rovio Mobile speak to students

Guest Speakers

Hear from veterans in the game, web, and mobile industries. Recent guests have included Jaako Iisalo and Matthew Wilson of Rovio Mobile (Angry Birds), Alan Shen of Microsoft's Entertainment Experiences Group (EXG), and Google's former UX Lead Peter Jin Hong.

Guest Speakers

Students working on a game at Hat Jam event

Hat Jam

Participate in extra-curricular programming competitions that rely on your growing skill sets for project management and collaboration. One of these is known as “Hat Jam”, in which student teams solve a programming challenge within a limited time frame.

Hat Jam

Students working together on a game

Cross-Program Collaboration

Collaborate with students in the Game Design or Digital Design programs. You'll pitch these interdisciplinary group projects to industry audiences at private events.

Cross-Program Collaboration


As a graduate of Programming for Games, Web + Mobile, you’ll be trained to perform in a variety of roles within leading global companies and trailblazing startups. Your skills will be applicable to an array of cross-platform initiatives, across multiple industries.


The video game industry is one of the largest sectors in entertainment. As a programming professional, you'll take on positions that will impact how players interact with massive franchises and indie hits. Positions include AI Developer, Engine Programmer, Gameplay Developer, Graphics Programmer, Shader Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, and VFX Programmer.


The way we experience the web is constantly evolving, and professionals in this field are responsible for solving challenges for users and companies alike. Some position titles include Front-End Developer, Network Programmer, UI Developer, and Web Developer.


Mobile technology is unique in that its growth is directly related to rapid advances in the smartphone and tablet marketplace. Your success in this field relies on your technical and creative agility. Position titles include Mobile Software Developer and Mobile UX/UI Designer.

Alumni Success

Vancouver Film School grads are some of the most successful professionals in the programming industry. Take a moment to browse some of their accomplishments and achievements. The Alumni Success Stories feature tales of triumph and fame, and will open in another window to take you to the VFS Blog page. Grad Career Highlights offers a glimpse at some of our amazing alumni credits and contributions to the industry.

Grad Career Highlights

Killshot Bravo poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile alumni credits

Killshot Bravo

Brian Yich — Jr. Programmer

Don't Starve: Together poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile alumni credits

Don't Starve: Together

Hugo Moraleida — Programmer

UFC 2 poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile alumni credits


Dustin Linnington — Assistant Technical Artist

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked poster, Programming for Games, Web and Mobile alumni credits

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

Hugo Moraleida — Programmer

Admissions Info

To make sure you have accurate admissions information please select your region based on country of citizenship.


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You will be asked to submit one of the following along with your application. Your advisor can help with selecting the best option.

Show us your code! Include a 1-2 page excerpt of source code you want to show off, and a 1-page descriptive summary for each project. You must also have intermediate PC computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office. Familiarity with HTML is an asset. You'll find information on how to send your portfolio in the application form, or you can ask your Advisor.

When you talk to your Advisor, let them know which VFS program you've completed and they will put a copy of your diploma in your file for you.

For more about language requirements and other information for international students, visit the International Students page.

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