Casa Azul

VFS + CasAzul Scholarship.

Study Acting at VFS in Vancouver, Canada!


Take your training to an international level!

CasAzul and Vancouver Film School (VFS) have come together to exclusively offer CasAzul graduates the opportunity to earn an acting scholarship and study at Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution. CasAzul grads who are passionate about expanding their professional careers in acting are invited to apply for a scholarship for VFS's one-year, intensive Acting for Film & Television program.

One full tuition (100 per cent), and six partial scholarships are available for the successful applicants.

Vancouver Film School

Last year, VFS celebrated 30 years of industry-defining and award-winning success. Recognized internationally for its unique and effective education model, VFS Acting focuses on training camera-and industry-ready actors. Expand your Acting education in English, and get a chance to train internationally, opening up a new range of career opportunities.


Since its creation more than 15 years ago, CasAzul has become one of the most important acting schools in Mexico, training high-quality actors for both national and international productions.

CasAzul is the only professional acting school in Mexico with a three-year program and a teaching staff of excellence that integrates the work of the actor in front of the camera, without renouncing theater as an art form.

Application Process


Join us at the CasAzul-VFS ACTING SCHOLARSHIP announcement on July 20, 2017, at 13:00 p.m. in calle Mérida 5 Col Roma and have all your questions answered. Jennifer Clement, Head of the Acting Department at VFS, will be there to share details of the program and the booming Vancouver film and television Industry.


You may submit all application and scholarship materials from July 20, 2017 until October 30, 2017, 18:00 hrs. CDT (Mexico City time).


- One full scholarship
- Two partial scholarships of 50 per cent each
- Two partial scholarships of $10,000 CAD each
- Two partial scholarships of $6,000 CAD each

VFS Acting for Film + Television

Our Acting instructors come right from the industry, and offer an unparalleled education based on decades of real-world experience, designed to give students the skills, contacts, and confidence to kick- start careers for both national and international markets - in just 12 months!