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Job Scope

Reporting to the Head of Acting for Film and TV and Acting Essentials, the Accompanist/Coach is required to work with the Embodied Voice Instructors coaching young actors. This position is to work with students in the part of their Acting for Film and TV program.

Core Responsibilities

• Playing piano in the Embodied Voice classes as needed for the curriculum and Lesson Plans.
• Take a student, with or without music training, through a song, starting with notes, rhythms, phrasing and dynamics.
• Attention must be paid to understanding text and correspondingly breathing and pronunciation.
• Teaching of group songs.
• Lead exercises in an inspiring, encouraging, caring and playful environment.
• Partnering with students for coaching with reasonable expectations.
• Accompany at student presentations.
• Improvises ’energy’ pieces to allow students to play and shift focus, to open the room.
• Works with instructor to develop singing exercises; breathing with the class to stay ’in sync’.
• Facilitate any theory exercises in front of class.
• Support for instructor and student.
• Act as a possible substitute for the instructor if needed.
• Music Direct 14 to 28 students towards term presentation, with attention to listening, working through fear, and resistance.
• Lead audition prep guide through text and grounding story tellers.
• Other duties as assigned by the Head of Department.

Job Qualifications

• Good sight-reading skills.
• Good knowledge of music theatre repertoire, as well as standards from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.
• Familiar with the work of John Bucchino.
• Ability to teach group songs, part by part, paying attention to dictation, harmony, and dynamics.
• Ability to transpose music.
• Fast sight-reading and transposing.