Shanghai, China
# of Positions:

Job Scope

Reporting to the Head of the Film Production (FPHOD), the Instructor is responsible for delivering North American story editing and screenwriting curriculum, mentoring and feedback to students and staff, for the production of short film and other required various formats and genres, that could demonstrate a successful release in China and Rest of World markets. The Instructor has excellent communication and organizational skills, follows film chain of command protocols, and has solid interpersonal skills. He or she is able to effectively deliver the curriculum and project mentorships in a professional and engaging manner. He or she is proactive, applies critical thinking skills and has a problem solving approach to every aspect of the job. He or she is a team player and possesses a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to the organization as a whole.

Core Responsibilities

  • Ensure that curriculum and project management protocols and workflows are delivered in an efficient and effective manner on time and on budget in a multi-language environment to support team staff environments.
  • Provide students with instruction including assignments and project mentoring for film shoots within restricted timelines, budgets and multi-languages, based upon North American Screen and Media Industry writing and story editing for director and producer driven short film and various format projects.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with currently enrolled students.
  • Monitor students' performance and provide assistance and mentoring when required through all phases of development, prep, production, post as applicable; including problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Ensure that writing and story editing based activities are relevant to the curriculum, projects and the North American Screen and Media industry.
  • Delivery and creation of lectures and project based workshops as approved by FPHOD and Program Manager is based on regularly updated documented and archived curriculum and project workflows.
  • Conduct regular course and program evaluations and updates through staff discussions, student feedback and industry information.
  • Participate in all aspects of the student evaluation process including grading, tracking, attendance and professionalism.
  • Punctual and conscientious management of classes and student satisfaction within the SHVFS brand.
  • Take Directives/Collaborate with FPHOD and faculty on course structure and project management.
  • Collaboration with administration staff on resources and equipment issues.
  • Able to create curriculum and project documentation of materials for inter-departmental usages and archiving.
  • Attendance at staff meetings and other functions as required by FPHOD.
  • Be aware of China cultural initiatives for content creation and support as notified by SHVFS directives.

Maintain familiarity with:

  • Current North American developments in technology relating to their specific discipline.
  • Current North American industry practices, trends and production processes relating to their specific discipline.
  • Industry at large including film related organizations, unions, guilds and key industry people.

Job Qualifications

  • Post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree (or equivalent) in a relevant area of study preferred.
  • Relevant experience as a writer, and or story editor in the North American screen and/or media Industries.
  • Teaching and or Mentoring experience in Story Editing and Writing for the Screen and Media Industries.
  • Portfolio demonstrating a high caliber of professional work.
  • Ability to lead workshops, lectures and seminars and take direction from FPHOD.
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, organizational, time management, team player and interpersonal skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Follows the chain of command prevalent in Film Structures and Educational Org Charts as provided by FPHOD.