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There is no such thing as an ordinary day when you work at Vancouver Film School. It’s a creative and fast-paced environment where you’re part of recruiting and educating the next generation of actors, filmmakers, video game developers and creative thinkers. Our unique culture is all about celebrating the pure passion and unwavering perseverance of our students as they go through their own amazing personal journeys towards a career in the entertainment arts. Constantly evolving and updating to meet industry demands, VFS believes results matter, and that extends from our classrooms and experienced faculty to our hard-working marketing, admissions, and support departments — and well beyond. If you’d like to join our team, simply browse the open positions below. If none of them seem to fit your particular skillsets, but you think you belong at VFS, apply here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Job Scope

In partnership with Rosedale Academy, Vancouver Film School (VFS) is offering a premier online education program tailored to high school students interested in pursuing advanced secondary study in applied arts and media. The VFS-Rosedale Visual Arts Program provides the perfect blend of world-class online education, career-focused learning outcomes, and in-person campus facilitation. Utilizing a progressive educational model, tailored instructional design, and Canadian and international academic collaboration, the program will cultivate awareness of career opportunities in the global creative economy as well as prepare students for advanced post-secondary study in arts and media.

Rosedale Academy has established a number of overseas campuses through international collaboration and partnerships, delivering high school curriculum accredited and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. VFS offers world-class, post-secondary programs in the entertainment arts, with an intensive curriculum that evolves with current industry practices and ensuring VFS alumni are working on the top-grossing film, television, and game productions from around the world. This partnership provides a unique opportunity to develop inspiring, cohesive, and industry-relevant courses suitable for domestic and international high school students. The successful candidate will be someone with a strong background in visual arts, animation, as well as a demonstrated teaching acumen in both online and in-class course delivery. The following draft courses are to be developed for online delivery in September 2017. Applicants may apply to build one or both courses.

Visual Arts & Media, TV, Film Production (Grade 11 level):
This course will give students a taste of the film and TV industry. They will develop the narrative craft and visual techniques necessary to bring a story to life on screen and explore the entire process of producing a film or video, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting and editing. Under the guidance of industry-experienced teachers, students will create media works using available and emerging film and video technologies.

Visual Arts & Animation (Grade 11 level):
It is the animator that breathes life into a character and makes it come alive on-screen. Regardless of the medium used, the animation principles required to make characters believable are the same. With a focus on traditional, hand drawn character animation, students will, through interactive lectures and hands-on exercises, practice production procedures and key terminology used in the industry. Students will see how keys, breakdowns, and in-betweens all combine to make fluid action. Through the study of the basic principles, students will explore squash and stretch, anticipation and settle, the wave principle and overlapping action, and apply these principles to their assignments. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skill in clean-up, the technique of producing a finished, polished drawing from an animation rough. Students will then utilize what they’ve learned using Maya to create believable character walk cycles in a 3D space. Video reference will be shot and utilized in the creation of all of the exercises to gain an understanding of mechanics of motion. Mastery of these principles is vital for the success of any animated industry production or student project.

With the exception of in-person meetings most of the course development work can be facilitated from home.

Core Responsibilities

Under the direction of VFS's Curriculum and Instructional Support Specialist and working in collaboration with VFS Program Heads, Senior Instructors, and Rosedale's Director of Curriculum, the Online Course Developer will:

  • Design curriculum resources to facilitate course and program learning outcomes (expectations).
  • Develop curriculum resources that are supportive, applied, and learner-centered.
  • Emphasize project-based-learning (e.g., role-playing, real-world scenarios, authentic assessments, collaboration, student choice, and multiple methods of communication).
  • Develop industry-relevant curriculum resources.
  • Prepare students for advanced secondary/post-secondary study in arts and media-based programs.
  • Develop course outlines, step-by-step lesson plans, assignment sheets, assessment criteria, learning activities, guided-practice videos, PowerPoints, curriculum correlations, and other cohesive/clear learning resources.
  • Cultivate visual literacy by emphasizing design and animation principles.
  • Enable students to acquire technical skills and proficiency.
  • Emphasize storytelling approaches in a variety of media.
  • Make recommendations on course materials/resources (e.g., supplies, software).
  • Utilize, learn, and explore innovative delivery platforms (e.g., livestream Moodle, Zoom).

Job Qualifications

  • Relevant post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree and 3+ years of relevant industry experience; or, 10+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Post-secondary or high school teaching experience.
  • Technical production skills and high level of technical proficiency with both traditional paper animation and CG animation in Maya.
  • High school teaching certification (Ontario Certified Teacher or equivalent) an asset, but not required.
  • Ability to create an engaging and supportive curriculum design.
  • Self-motivated, passionate about teaching and able to design resources for multi-cultural environments.
  • Must have strong English written and oral communication skills;
  • Knowledge of Mandarin an asset (not required).

Course Development Compensation:
The successful candidate will be offered a fixed-term contract for course development. VFS offers a competitive course development package commensurate the candidate's industry and academic experience.

Advancement Opportunities:
Excellent performance during the course development process may lead to online and hybrid teaching positions in Vancouver and/or global campus sites.

How to apply:
We encourage you to submit an application package using the link below. An application package must include a cover letter, resume, and sample of online courses developed and/or portfolio of relevant work. Applicants who are short-listed will be supported in developing/participating in a mini teaching demonstration featuring a visual art lesson (or part of a lesson) suitable for online delivery.