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There is no such thing as an ordinary day when you work at Vancouver Film School. It’s a creative and fast-paced environment where you’re part of recruiting and educating the next generation of actors, filmmakers, video game developers and creative thinkers. Our unique culture is all about celebrating the pure passion and unwavering perseverance of our students as they go through their own amazing personal journeys towards a career in the entertainment arts. Constantly evolving and updating to meet industry demands, VFS believes results matter, and that extends from our classrooms and experienced faculty to our hard-working marketing, admissions, and support departments — and well beyond. If you’d like to join our team, simply browse the open positions below. If none of them seem to fit your particular skillsets, but you think you belong at VFS, apply here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Job Scope

Reporting to the Vice President of Education, the Resources Supervisor’s primary objectives are to oversee and continuously improve service-oriented and student-focused campus resource centres, booking, training / handling, and repair systems for all VFS programs. The Resources Supervisor is responsible for hiring, supervising and training a talented and engaged team of resource staff and for ensuring the effective daily operation of the school’s Resources Centres. This role encompasses oversight of other production needs including rental vans, insurance requests, livestream support, and sourcing outside rental equipment.

The Resources Supervisor is also responsible for working collaboratively with program educational staff to:

- Facilitate program curriculum needs.
- Recommend approaches for phasing / down streaming older gear to other programs where appropriate.
- Contribute effectively to the overall gear / equipment purchase decision making process.
- For developing, and where appropriate delivering training on program gear/equipment for students and faculty.
- Help ensure that gear life is extended and that replacement cycles are financially sustainable.
- Research technologies and new equipment to support the purchasing process.

Core Responsibilities

  • Supervise and lead a team of Resources Assistants and AV Repair Technician which includes hiring, assigning work, and evaluating their performance and providing feedback and encouragement to broaden their knowledge base.
  • Evaluate Resources systems, procedures, and equipment to ensure they align with the company's expectations and are relevant and in line with program needs and industry.
  • Responsible for inventory control - includes assigning spot inventories for consumables and gear.
  • Evaluate programs equipment and tech requirements to ensure they are relevant to industry. Help programs with the transition to new technologies (e.g., livestream) through training.
  • Create and implement systems and training methods for staff. Articulate the reasons for the systems in place to ensure true understanding of their intended purpose and their background; so they in turn can use those systems and confidently train other staff or students.
  • Research and demo new equipment and technologies.
  • In conjunction with programs and the Procurement Manager, contribute to the acquisition of capital purchase items needed for the programs. This also includes replacement stock for existing broken / outdated gear.
  • Inventory / maintenance schedules for all production equipment housed in Resources.
  • Create and maintain the 151 Studio Manifesto. Help manage and schedule studio walk-throughs and wrap outs with students.
  • Help coordinate and support Marketing / Admissions events in regards to Resources and technology needed; including being the main support / contact for coordinating gear for Oday, Open Houses, Summer Intensives, Results in 30, Livestream, and other admin / marketing events.
  • Work with Head of Departments and key staff, discuss their tech and gear requirements, needs; as well as scheduling and sharing gear / resources.
  • Work with Purchasing to discuss requisitions (ordering / receiving).
  • Communicate gear and technology changes to students and staff and help facilitate instructor training with new gear.
  • Coordinate gear loans from other departments, rentals, or outside vendors.
  • Work with and empower Resources staff to teach a few different classes and to provide demonstrations throughout the term in gear safety and maintenance.
  • Advise students on what and where to buy / rent gear and assist purchasing and programs in cultivating good vendor relationships.
  • Issue student invoices for any lost or damaged items for all departments.
  • Work cooperatively with external sales representatives and contact them to get quotes.
  • Work with external rental companies to receive quotes and coordinate pick-up and drop-off of rental gear needed to support our different programs curriculums.
  • Manage our student bookings and corporate account with Enterprise Car Rental.
  • Research, identify, and connect with potential gear donors.
  • Establish best practices for working all campus A/V systems and when called upon to troubleshoot theaters, projectors, and all the Film related gear.
  • Identify cross-departmental gear sharing opportunities and avoid redundancies / waste.
  • Help the Educational Administration / Accounting department to determine life span of gear and realistic replacement cycles.
  • Work directly with students to come up with creative solutions for their filmmaking problems using the available gear in Resources.
  • Survey and create student feedback loops to monitor the student experience / education with our gear and Resource Centres.
  • Provide expertise in camera platforms and HD tech requirements for each program, and work with them to ensure they are getting the right tool for the job and at a fair price.
  • Work with Instructors to help create gear/tech requirements and proper industry workflows.
  • Research into new cameras, lights, and technologies and share findings to Ed-Admin, programs, instructors, and students.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Vice President of Education.

Job Qualifications

  • A degree or diploma in TV and Film related field or Business Administration.
  • Experience working on professional and independent film sets an asset.
  • Experience and detailed knowledge of HD cameras, and other film equipment including; lights, grip, sound, etc.
  • Demonstrated good judgment and initiative with the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Exceptional leadership and management skills.
  • At least 3 years of proven leadership experience in Film, Retail, wholesale, or other high inventory control environments.