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There is no such thing as an ordinary day when you work at Vancouver Film School. It’s a creative and fast-paced environment where you’re part of recruiting and educating the next generation of actors, filmmakers, video game developers and creative thinkers. Our unique culture is all about celebrating the pure passion and unwavering perseverance of our students as they go through their own amazing personal journeys towards a career in the entertainment arts. Constantly evolving and updating to meet industry demands, VFS believes results matter, and that extends from our classrooms and experienced faculty to our hard-working marketing, admissions, and support departments — and well beyond. If you’d like to join our team, simply browse the open positions below. If none of them seem to fit your particular skillsets, but you think you belong at VFS, apply here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Job Scope

VFS is a dynamic organization known for its innovative and responsive approach to education and training in entertainment arts. Since opening its doors in 1987, VFS has played a central role in developing both local and global Animation, Visual Effects, Film, Television, Games, and Design industries. We invite you to become a part of the success of our world-renowned alumni and instructional team. Our work environment is progressive and collaborative-we offer competitive compensation, benefits, and lifestyle advantages.

The VR/AR Design and Development Program is a new pilot program that allows students to explore, design and develop experiential models for enterprise applications in the industry of their choice - whether it be bio-medical, health care, civic, tech, education, or entertainment). Students develop immersive experiences while enhancing their art, design, programming and storytelling skills. By the end of the 8-month program, students will deliver an immersive VR/AR project and a client-based project for the enterprise of their choice.

Reporting directly to Educational Administration and the VR/AR Committee, the Part-Time Instructor is responsible for delivering curriculum effectively, teaching with learning centered approaches, and providing meaningful feedback, guidance, and support to students on a regular basis. The core focus of this role is on curriculum and course development, program supervision and teaching. The successful candidate will work closely with staff members to help create a culture of exploration, discovery, and critical thinking that supports the overall vision of the program.

The Part-Time Instructor in the VR/AR Design and Development program will inspire students to become passionate about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications for enterprise and entertainment. The Part-Time VR/AR Instructor will have relevant experience across a spectrum of VR/AR industries in order to teach both theory and practical project deliverables based on real-world applications and client needs. Following a learner-centred model of course delivery, the Part-Time Instructor will guide and mentor individuals and small teams to deliver VR/AR projects for real world applications. Effective communication skills are vital to deliver efficiently and professionally with both students and clients alike.

The VR/AR Design and Development program encompasses the following core subject areas:

-Trends in VR/AR Development
-Immersive Programming
-Human Centered Design
-Asset Creation for VR/AR
-Unreal Engine
-C#, C++ coding
-Audiokinetic Wwise
-Data Structures & Algorithms
-Data Visualisation for Asset Creation
-Data Visualisation for Programming
-User Experience and Interface Design
-Final Project Development/Workflow

The Part-Time Instructor will have expertise in a selection of these core areas, and will work in collaboration with key faculty/staff, Educational Administration and the VR/AR Committee in the development of their course (outlines, lesson plans, assignment sheets, rubrics, project briefs, etc.).

The number of courses taught will be determined by availability and subject expertise.

Core Responsibilities

  • Work closely with Educational Administration, the VR/AR Committee and other instructional staff to ensure curriculum is accurate, up-to-date and communicated to students in a clear and concise manner.
  • Develop and deliver curriculum per the program mission and desired outcomes.
  • Utilize course outlines to develop lesson plans and other course materials that detail what will be taught and how the course material will be delivered.
  • Develop thorough and effective student assessment and grading systems consistent with VFS best practices.
  • Mentor students-provide creative and technical guidance/support on their projects.
  • Manage courses effectively-make certain students are appraised of their academic standing in a regular and consistent manner including timely reporting of attendance and grades.
  • Collaborate with key faculty and staff in the design and delivery of the course(s).
  • Collaborate with Educational Administration, VR/AR Committee, Information Systems and Technology, and Facilities on resources and equipment needs.
  • Attend regular staff meetings.
  • Participate in program events and support admissions/marketing activities as directed by Education Administration and VR/AR Committee.
  • Understanding of Moodle learning management system (grading, attendance, assignment and rubric set-up, etc.).
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications

  • Relevant post-secondary degree and 5 plus year's industry experience.
  • Prior post-secondary teaching experience is preferred (or demonstrated ability to Part-Time workshops, lectures, and seminars.
  • Portfolio demonstrating a high caliber of professional work.
  • Knowledge of a selection of core subject areas in the program:
    • Trends in VR/AR Development
    • Immersive Programming
    • Human Centered Design
    • Asset Creation for VR/AR
    • Unity
    • Unreal Engine
    • C#, C++ coding
    • Maya
    • Audiokinetic Wwise
    • Data Structures & Algorithms 
    • Data Visualisation for Asset Creation
    • Data Visualisation for Programming
    • User Experience and Interface Design 
    • Final Project Development/Workflow 
  • Demonstrated ability to provide concise, constructive and pragmatic feedback and direction in a professional creative setting.
  • Knowledge of current industry trends and development.
  • Diverse VR/AR industry experience an asset.