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Scholarship Opportunities for Dramatic Arts Students


Vancouver Film School is proud to be offering over $130,000 in scholarship funding for aspiring film and television students, to be awarded in partnership with the Association of BC Drama Educators (ABCDE). ABCDE and VFS invites BC high school students with a passion for the dramatic arts to apply for this tremendous opportunity at Canada’s top film school.

We are once again offering this award to a wider range of dramatic arts students and accepting applications for our Acting Essentials, Acting for Film & Television, Film Production, Makeup Design for Film & Television, and Writing for Film, Television & Games programs.


The scholarship will open this fall.

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Scholarship Breakdown

  • One (1) full-tuition scholarship for applicants to the Acting Essentials, Acting for Film & Television, Film Production, Makeup Design, and Writing for Film, Television & Games programs.
  • Up to $100,000 in partial-tuition scholarships for applicants to the above programs.

Scholarship Details

  • Applications will be open to high school students in grades 11 and 12 from across British Columbia, whose sponsoring teachers are active members with the Association of BC Drama Educators.
  • Applications are only open to BC residents.
  • Applicants must include a portfolio of their work or audition for consideration and review by ABCDE and VFS.
  • A committee of ABCDE members will work with VFS in awarding these scholarships and selecting final winners. Winners will be chosen based on creative potential and any obstacles they’ve had to overcome prior to applying.
  • VFS and ABCDE reserve the right to not award scholarship funding should no application meet the standards or requirements of this award.

"The VFS Acting department is proud to continue our tradition of partnering with ABCDE in supporting the creative development of young BC performers. We remain committed to our shared goal of inspiring the next generation of artists. We offer innovative, hands on, professional training, with a proven track record of graduating actors ready for the evolving demands of a rewarding career in the creative industries."

Omari Newton
Head of Department
Acting for Film & Television Program
Vancouver Film School


"We are absolutely thrilled to be working with VFS to offer these amazing opportunities to our students that help make it more financially viable for them to further their education in theatre and film."

Gordon Hamilton
ABCDE Executive
Fine Arts Department Head
Brookswood Secondary

Application Process



The application process is simple, and is broken into two very important parts:

Part 1 – Official Scholarship Application

Part 2 – Official Application to Enrol at Vancouver Film School

*PLEASE NOTE: There is an application processing fee for Part 2 and it can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

No official application will be considered or reviewed unless both parts are successfully completed by the applicant.

Application Process will require applicants to provide general contact and background information and provide the following information for review and consideration by VFS:



Link to your portfolio/audition.

Applications for Acting for Film & Television and Acting Essentials require a short audition of a contemporary scene or monologue. The Film Production, Makeup Design for Film & Television, and Writing for Film, Television & Games programs have the same specifications as the creative samples required for your VFS application, which may be used for both.

We recommend Dropbox or Google Drive for easy review by our scholarship selection committee. Upload your files then “share” using the share link. When sharing, set the sharing permissions to “public” or “anyone with the link can view the file/document.” Submissions will remain the sole property of the applicant and will be deleted from our computers 30 days after the scholarship closes.

If we cannot view your files, your scholarship application will be considered incomplete.


Acting Essentials & Acting for Film & Television

You will be required to demonstrate your acting ability with a short recorded audition. Your audition should take the form of a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue or scene, with a short explanation of why you selected that piece. Upload your audition to a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, a personal website, etc.) and send a link to the school.

Students applying for the Acting for Film & Television program may use the same scene/monologue recording used for your VFS enrolment application, but should not include the other requirements of that audition.

For tips on how to create an audition tape that will best allow your talents to shine through, see this video on How to Submit a Self Tape.

Film Production

You will be required to submit a synopsis of a film project that you are passionate about making (no longer than one page). Provide the film genre and utilize references to other movies to explain how you would make the film. Explain the concept, vision or idea. In addition, provide a 1-page (maximum) outline of the story.

Alternatively, if you have made a film before, please submit a copy or a link to the film online (no more than two films). Ensure that you specify your involvement in the film, as well as any screenings or awards.

Makeup Design for Film & Television

You will be required to submit a maximum 500-word letter of intent and a portfolio. Be encouraged to communicate what you feel best conveys your background, your potential, and why you have a profound desire to attend VFS. A portfolio that consists of photographs that best illustrate your artistic vision in makeup design (maximum 12 pieces). These are generally images/pictures that are a variety of make-ups that you have applied on other people.

Writing for Film, Television & Games

You will be required to submit a one-page (maximum) synopsis of an original feature film or television project that you are passionate about making. Provide the genre and use references to other movies or television shows to explain how you would write the project. Explain the concept, vision, or idea. In addition, provide a minimum of two and a maximum of four other creative writing samples in their original form (maximum 20 total pages).


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Personal Submission PT. 1

  • Q1 – In 100 words or less, tell us why you want to work in film and/or television and what your dream project would be?

Personal Submission PT. 2

  • Q2 – In 100 words or less, tell us about a significant hardship you have had to overcome in your life, or a significant obstacle standing in the way of your creative education.

Personal Submission PT. 3

  • Q3 – We inform every applicant that Vancouver is considered one of the best cities in the world to live, but it’s also an expensive city compared to many others. It can cost you at least C$30,000 a year for basic food, travel, and accommodations. This scholarship will only cover school tuition costs. Tell us in your words how you plan to be able to make this opportunity work for you financially for 12 months.

Upon successful completion, applicants will be given a confirmation of completion notification email.

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In order to complete your scholarship application, you must also apply for enrolment with VFS. If you do not complete your application to VFS, you will not be considered for this award.

Upon successful submission of your enrolment application, a VFS Admissions advisor will contact you to connect personally, and provide you with an introduction of the school, online learning options, and life in Vancouver.




The scholarship will open this fall.

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