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Every week, notable figures from entertainment, media, and the arts join us in the studio to discuss how they perfected their craft and became leaders in their field. Whether you're an aspiring creative or simply want to be inspired, this podcast is for you.


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Featured episode

Sarah Edmondson: NXIVM and How I Escaped a Cult

Sarah takes us through the shocking story of how she became a high-ranking cult member, her escape, and the physical, mental, and emotional scars she still carries with her today.

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Latest episodes

Graham Qually: Changing the game in motion capture

GQ talks us through the mindset needed to succeed in an industry defined by ever-evolving technology, how to break into the performance capture industry as a performer, and more.

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Frank Palmer: Finding Truth in Advertising

Frank offers insights from his 50-year career building and leading the advertising industry in Canada.

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P. Lynn Johnson: How to Direct a Great Sex Scene

Ensuring the safety and security of actors and production crew during scenes involving nudity and simulated sex.

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Julie Vu: Transitioning on YouTube

Julie opens up on starring in movies, what her identity means to her, and why she invited the world to follow along on the intensely personal journey of her transition.

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Tim Holloway: Why Esports is Here to Stay

Tim offers unique insights into the fascinating lives of professional players, the importance of storytelling to the evolution of the industry, and why Esports isn’t the sport of the future - it’s the sport of right now.

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Victor Lucas: Mastering the Art of the Interview

Victor sits down with Christopher Ian Bennett to discuss the evolution of video games, Stephen Colbert, and the importance of not faking it.

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Coleen Christie: How to Consume Modern Media

Coleen sits down with Christopher Ian Bennett to discuss why broadcasters are struggling to survive, Fake News, and the power of Baywatch.

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Gabrielle Carteris: 90210 to SAG-AFTRA President

Gabrielle sits down with host and soap opera super-fan Christopher Ian Bennett in the Storyteller’s Studio to discuss Deepfakes, equality in Hollywood, and running the most important union in entertainment.

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