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Student Services is here to support you from the time you arrive, right through to graduation. We understand the challenges of moving to a new city or country.

We are committed to your success! We provide guidance on everything from orientation, health insurance, housing, banking, ESL tutoring, study information, social networking opportunities and more.

We help you find accommodation in Vancouver before you arrive and provide support for all housing-related issues during your time at VFS. For housing information, visit the accommodation section on our website or contact the VFS Housing Coordinator at

Our mission is to enrich students’ lives by providing education, career development, inspiration and mindfulness workshops and events.

VFS Café, counsellors, alumni, tour providers, industry and business representatives in Vancouver collaborate with us to develop our events. We connect you to the community!

Please check your email for Student Services correspondence.

All students must speak and write English at an acceptable level for their program of study. To succeed in any VFS program, students need to understand technical terms and be capable enough with English to participate in presentations and discussions.

If you need ESL support, appointments can be scheduled by emailing This service is subject to availability.

In addition, you can access a full list of ESL resources here.

Student counselling details can be found here:

Contact Us:

394 West Hastings Street
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tel 604-685-5808 ext 4017
VFS Housing Coordinator: 604-631-3078

Current Students

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Moodle is an open source learning platform that can be used to supplement a face-to-face course or deliver a course online. VFS instructors use this learning management system for delivery of course materials, collection of course assignments, conducting online assessment quizzes, and grading of assignments. By logging into Moodle, you can access specific courses and course materials, complete quizzes, submit assignments, view your course attendance record, assignment and course grades, and review feedback and information from instructors.

VFS Moodle

Living in Vancouver

VFS is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver—annually named one of the world's best cities. Surrounded by temperate wilderness, Vancouver's natural beauty and cosmopolitan scene combine to create an ideal study environment.

Out the front of Timbertrain Cafe in Gastown, Vancouver

Walk to Gastown’s quintessential Cafés

Film being shot on location in Vancouver

200+ films and TV series were shot in BC last year

Sunlit shops near the VFS campuses

Check out trendy shops and restaurants

Old brick building in historic Gastown

Soak up the vibe of historical Gastown

Yoga by the Pacific Ocean

Relax by the Pacific Ocean

Hiking in BC's forests

Enjoy the Pacific and BC’s coastal mountains


We highly recommend bringing these documents with you when coming to Canada:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License (if applicable)
  • Visa
  • Proof of Funds
  • Proof of Living arrangements (address, hotel booking, homestay, etc.)
  • VFS Letter of Acceptance
  • Medical records/medical history/prescription
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Other suggestions

  • If you’re not from North America, check your electrical devices to see if they’re compatible with our voltage standard.
  • Pack smart, casual clothes suitable for mild weather.
  • Bring an umbrella for the frequent rain.

Keeping all your documents up-to-date and safe is important. Research the documents you can apply for upon your arrival in British Columbia.


    BC Driver Services offices & BCID Cards


    Royal Centre Mall, #221-1055 West Georgia St.

    8 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Monday – Friday


  • Social Insurance Number

    This is a nine-digit number issued by the Government of Canada. If you plan to work in Canada and your Study Permit authorizes you to do so, you need a Social Insurance Number.


  • BCID

    This is a very useful document for international students in particular. You can use BCID instead of your passport.

    More information on identification documents in BC here:


  • BC Driver’s License

    It is important to know the driving rules in BC, especially of you are moving from the other province usually drivers have 90 days to switch over your license after moving to B.C. However, as a full-time student at the VFS, you can hold on to your license for as long as you remain the stude

    There are reciprocal agreements between some countries and BC. If you are from any of the countries listed here you don’t need to take the Driving Test in order to get your BC driver’s license.

All students must be covered by medial insurance during their studies at VFS. If you have questions about your insurance, medical clinics in your area, or don’t know how to submit an insurance claim, please email us.

Learn more about your medical insurance options by clicking here.

Vancouver’s public transit system may seem overwhelming to newcomers. We can help you make sense of it.

Student discounts are not available to students attending private post-secondary schools, including VFS. However, we can provide advice on cost-effective transit options.


You can open a bank account in Canada or use one from home. To open a bank account in Canada you will need:

  • A valid passport
  • A study Permit
  • Your current Address

Be certain that your immigration documents (Study Permit, Temporary Resident Visa) will stay valid throughout your studies at VFS. You can extend or change the terms of your permits while within Canada. For more information, visit:

If you plan to extend your studies in Canada or abroad, consider one of our Pathway Programs.

Managing a student budget can be challenging. We can provide budgeting advice, best practices, great deals and other resources for budgeting in the greater Vancouver area.

Questions regarding tuition financing including student loans, student lines of credit and student loan deferrals should be directed to:

  • Admissions: Financial Aid Officer
  • Office: 198 West Hastings
  • Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Tel: 604-631-3086

Social Events

Networking and connections play a significant role in successful careers. We believe in promoting school-wide opportunities for connecting through being creative and having fun. You can find out about specific program and career-related events on the program pages.

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