The Vancouver Film School - Wilfrid Laurier University Degree Pathway


This cross-institutional agreement allows students to explore a film-focused pathway and obtain two credentials: a VFS diploma and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Wilfrid Laurier University in just four years. This pathway is a great complement to the eligible VFS production diplomas, and an opportunity for students to combine practical skills and experience with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of film history and theory.

About The Program

What is the VFS-Laurier Degree Pathway?

The VFS-Laurier Pathway offers an opportunity for students interested in combining their direct experience training in film production, writing, or acting with an in-depth and comprehensive education in film studies and/or English. In this pathway, one year at VFS counts towards the first year of study at Laurier. Explore the “Plan your Pathway” tool below for more information.

VFS Programs eligible for this pathway are the following:

  • Acting for Film & Television
  • Film Production
  • Writing for Film, Television & Games

Wilfrid Laurier University Degree eligible for this pathway:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Film Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English
  • Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts, English and Film Studies

This reciprocal pathway also allows Laurier students in Year 3 of their program to undertake an applied study year in a VFS program, and then return to Laurier for Year 4 to complete their BA (Honours) degree. A production year at VFS will satisfy 3rd year credit requirements within the BA program.

About Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University is a leading Canadian university, located in Waterloo, Ontario, and with additional campuses in Toronto, Brantford, and Kitchener, Ontario, as well as in Chongqing, China. The University is home to more than 18,500 full-time and part-time undergraduate students, and more than 500 faculty and staff. Long regarded as one of Canada’s preeminent undergraduate universities, Laurier’s Film Studies program is considered one of the top film programs in the country.


Disclaimer: Admission to VFS does not guarantee access to Wilfrid Laurier University programs. Applicants must meet Wilfrid Laurier University requirements. Seat capacity is limited.

Total time to complete degree

Plan your Pathway

Three of VFS’s core diploma programs are part of the VFS-Laurier Pathway. Students who do not meet the requirements for these programs are eligible to enroll in one of VFS’s preparatory programs, which includes Foundation Visual Art & Design and Acting Essentials.


You can find out more about Laurier's Film Studies (BA) program here.

You can find out more about Laurier’s English (BA) program here.

The VFS-Laurier Pathway is ideal for students and/or families who desire:

  • A fast track to the ultimate film education—an Honours BA in Film Studies, Honours BA in English, or Combined Honours BA in English and Film Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and a diploma in Film Production, Writing for Film, Television & Games, or Acting for Film & Television from Vancouver Film School in just four years.
  • To combine direct experience training in film production, writing, or acting with an in-depth and comprehensive degree education in film studies and/or English.
  • To work and/or reside in Canada (international).
  • Acting for Film & Television
  • Film Production
  • Writing for Film, Television & Games

Yes, alumni who have graduated from the relevant programs listed above within two years will map seamlessly into the Film Studies BA, Honours BA in English, or Combined Honours BA in English and Film Studies program at Laurier. Laurier will also review the education and work-experience qualifications of those who graduated more than five years ago to ascertain eligibility.

VFS students can count their VFS program as credits towards their Honours Film Studies BA at Laurier. In other words, your year spent at VFS counts as a year of coursework towards completing your degree at Laurier. How your courses “transfer” to Laurier depends on which program you completed at VFS.

January and September of the Laurier academic calendar are the intake options for students entering the 2nd year of the Laurier Film Studies program.

Step 1: You must apply to Laurier using the Ontario Universities Application Centre for the period you would like to enter (September or January).  You must submit your application directly to the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

You can also find further information on the application process for international students in Laurier's International Admissions Toolkit

Domestic students can find further information in Laurier's Admissions Toolkit.


Step 2: Once you have completed 6 months of your program your mid-program grades will be available.  Email Reception at VFS at and request an official transcript.  Once received, please deliver to WLU admissions as follows:


Mail: International Recruitment & Admissions

75 University Avenue West

Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5


Laurier people who manage that account will match the documents with the submitted application from OUAC. 


Step 3: Once an offer of admissions is made to the student, they will receive (online to see and download) their offer letter and conditional letter of acceptance which they can then take to CIC to extend their study permit.

The application fee is $240 CAD for all students.

Tuition e-bills are sent out to students in late July/early August for the fall term, mid-November for the winter term, and early April for the spring/intersession/summer term. They are due at the end of August for the fall term, mid-December for the winter term, and late-April for the spring/intersession/summer term. For more information on tuition due dates, please visit the Laurier Registration Page.

  • Students admitted to Laurier from VFS will be required to have a Year-12 high school English literature course, or equivalent college level course with a minimum grade of 60%
  • The minimum GPA for entry to the Academic Programs at Laurier from VFS is a cumulative average of 75% (B- average)

Class sizes range from large for first-year classes (200 students) to medium for second- and third-year classes (50 students) to small for fourth-year classes (22 students).

Class sizes are limited; however, Film Studies and English students have the first chance to enroll in Film Studies and English courses and there are always enough places for students who enroll on time.

Qualifying study permit holders in Canada who are studying full-time may gain work experience by working both on and off campus while completing their studies.  For more information and to assess your eligibility please visit the CIC website.

Working on Campus

Full Time versus Part-Time

The definition of full-time or part-time varies depending on the educational institution. A study permit may be issued whether or not the student’s studies are on a full-time or part-time basis (i.e., the condition that study permit holders must actively pursue studies does not require them to be enrolled on a full-time basis), as long as they are enrolled at a designated learning institution. However, the student must have a full-time status in order to work on or off campus.

Working Off Campus

For direct student inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Katherine Spring
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Officer, Film Studies
Department of English and Film Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University

T. 1-519-884-0710, ext. 4149

Note: All third party inquiries must direct all inquiries to VFS International office by emailing


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