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Live and breathe filmmaking in an industry environment, where you’ll learn from the experts.

Creative Economy

VFS’s signature programs and facilities are at the heart of a creative economy worth $3.4 billion in B.C. alone. From film production and 3D animation to game, digital, and VR/AR design, VFS is helping shape the entertainment and media industries’ transformation. In 2020, VFS alumni were credited on 8 of the top 15 highest grossing films worldwide, in a global industry set to generate US$2.1 trillion in revenues in 2021.

Alumni Success

Vancouver Film School grads are some of the most successful and sought-after professionals in the entire Film and Television industry. You will find our alumni working all over the globe, pushing boundaries, discovering new frontiers, winning all kinds of awards and honours, and leading today’s creative economy.

VFS Alumni


It was great. I met a lot of people that did nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe movies. I can confidently say that I learned the fundamentals of every job on a movie set.

Georgia Milroy

Film Production Graduate

True Justice

At VFS you get all the tools, and you really don't need four, five years... You need one year and to learn all you can from wise people, books, and various courses. Then you really need to dive into the film business waters and learn how to swim among the sharks.

Marianna Rowinska

Film Production Graduate

The Chonicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The Reader

Filmmaking is a business as well as an art. VFS prepares students for the business obstacles that independent filmmakers face. The art comes from those special instructors and the creative synergy among students.

Matthew Nie

Film Production Graduate

Good Stuff

There was a screening of our class's work and someone attending the screening noticed my name on 12 projects. She went home afterwards and mentioned me to her boyfriend, who was a Producer/Director at a local commercial/music video production house. He came into work the next day and found my resume on his desk. He called me in, took a look at my reel, and hired me right away.

Scott Weber

Film Production Graduate

Desolation Sound

A VFS Film Production Education

In 12 months you will graduate with:

  • A diploma in Film Production
  • A compilation of your work for your demo reel
  • Access to the VFS Alumni Directory & Job Board
  • Attain industry connections that will help guide your career

Term 01

Explore the possibilities of storytelling, giving you both the narrative craft and visual techniques necessary to bring a story to life on the screen.

Term 02

Expand your range of filmmaking techniques while you learn to work on larger sets and co-create with outside writers.

Term 03

Combine cutting edge techniques, like visual effects, with the ingenuity to solve production challenges.

Term 04

Specialize in two of five key creative streams to build yourself into a multitalented professional.

Term 05

Dedicate your time and energy to final projects, high-quality short films that will form the basis of your professional reel.

Term 06

Complete the filming of all final projects, and focus on employment preparation and advanced electives.

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Students explore the five key disciplines of filmmaking during their year VFS. As the year progresses, students choose to specialize in two of the following disciplines, giving their portfolio the kind of focus necessary to launch a career as a professional filmmaker.




Production Design


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To make sure you have accurate admissions information please select your region based on country of citizenship.


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How to Apply Request Info


You will be asked to submit one of the following along with your application. Your advisor can help with selecting the best option.

Write a synopsis of a film project that you are passionate about making (no longer than one page). Provide the film genre and utilize references to other movies to explain how you would make the film. Explain the concept, vision or idea. In addition, provide a 1-page (maximum) outline of the story.


If you have made a film before, please submit a copy or a link to the film online (no more than two films). Ensure that you specify your involvement in the film, as well as any screenings or awards.

You'll find information on how to send your projects in the application form, or you can ask your Advisor.

When you talk to your Advisor, let them know that you've completed the Foundation program and they will put a copy of your diploma in your file for you.


You also have the option of submitting any previous films you've worked on. Please submit a copy or a link to the film online (no more than two films). Ensure that you specify your involvement in the film, as well as any screenings or awards.

For more about language requirements and other information for international students, visit the International Students page.

Student Work

While training at VFS, students are immersed in the film and television industry, and spend a lot of hands-on time creating professional-quality work. And, nothing is a greater testament to the incomparable industry resources and career preparation that define VFS’s education model, than the top quality work our students produce. Here, a portfolio of outstanding work is just the beginning. Just take a look.

Man on the Stairs


Producer - Ranjani Modukuri, Director/Writer - Kristopher King

Robyn Hood


Created by students through the VFS Film Production program



Created by students through the VFS Film Production program

Industry Partners

VFS doesn’t just teach you about the industry, it IS the industry. With veteran instructors, mentors and an education Advisory Board recruited straight from the professional world, we are able to constantly update our award-winning curriculum to keep up with an ever-evolving industry. Plus, students also have lots of opportunities to connect and network with industry leaders during special workshop sessions, training presentations, and industry social events hosted by VFS.

Film Production Alumnus Takes on Deadpool 2

As Art Director on productions like Lost in Space and Colossal, Roger Fires has had a dynamic journey in film. In this video, Roger shares how he went from making home videos with childhood friends in Brazil, to landing his dream job after completing the Film Production program at VFS.

Campus Life

The city-block sized Film Campus opened in 2014 in the heart of Gastown, surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, beautiful brick buildings, and many of Vancouver’s film studios and production companies. The new campus is equipped with a giant 280-degree green screen studio, nine fully independent shooting studios, multiple editing suites, and a 72-seat surround-sound screening theatre.


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